Badger: Celebrating 10 Years of Wilderness Adventures

canoe themed decorated cake with man paddling a canoe made of fondant

Badger: Celebrating 10 Years of Wilderness Adventures

Marking a Decade of Adventure in the Paddling Business 

Today is May 9th, the day we registered our business, exactly 10 years ago. To say the last decade has been an adventure would be a true understatement.

When we first started making and selling paddles in 2009 under the Badger name, Badger canoe paddles were completely unknown. We had a young son, who was only 6 years of age, and we had recently moved from Temiskaming Shores to Muskoka with a very little money and a big dream.

Overhead shot of family paddling a canoe

Skip to 10 years later and what was once a completely unrecognized company has grown to become a rather cherished entity by more than just a few, with many repeat and loyal paddling customers and friends.

So to celebrate our 10 years of paddle making, we have a few plans up our paddle sock… errr… sleeve. All of which will be revealed over the coming weeks and months as our anniversary year continues.

But first we just wanted just to say, “Thank you.”

Thank you for 10 years of sharing your passion, your excitement, and your interest in paddling and in our paddles. Our family will be forever grateful to each and every one of you for all the love and support we have received over the years. We have met the most wonderful and creative people and were lucky enough to become friends with some of you too. We’ve also had some pretty exciting adventures because of Badger, in addition to some extremely stressful moments. We have quite literally poured our blood, sweat, and tears into this paddle business. But looking back at the past 10 years Badger Paddles has given us, we couldn’t feel more grateful or more excited for the journey as to where our canoe paddles will take us next.


And we have already started….

We have already announced the return of the Paddle In The Park Contest for the 2019 season. With 10 paddles for you to seek over the summer, the return of #PaddlePoints, plus a very exciting announcement to come in the next week or two… we are only getting started!

Screenshot of original Badger Paddles website


New Website for the 2019 Paddling Season

Next up is – obvious to some of you – our new website. Finally, just this week, we said goodbye to our original (sadly outdated) website and went live with this one. Now you can find everything Badger in one convenient place, instead of a bunch of different sites scattered across the internet.  Hope you dig it!

While the website will always be a work in progress, there is definitely still much more to update and complete in the carry over from our transfer stage. In the meantime, if you have any questions about paddle specs or other information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Don’t worry, you won’t be badgering us!

half pint tin of 100% all natural hempseed oil for finishing wood

New Packaging for 2019

We are also updating our packaging this year to help mark this special anniversary. You may notice that we are including a shout out to our good friend, Preston, and Paddle In the Park Contest partner,, on our new labels and some other anniversary materials. Coincidentally, he too is celebrating 10 years in 2009. How serendipitous is that?! So, in celebration of our 10 years in business and the years of working on the Paddle In The Park Contest together, we have 10 years of friendship with Preston to celebrate too! Yeah, we’ll probably have to get him some cake for this one. logo with badger paddles paw and paddle stating 10 years

More to Come

Additionally, we have plans for some special edition anniversary paddles that we hope to reveal soon. As well, we are looking forward to a full year of looking back and hope you will enjoy our coming journey into Badger’s history with us. So watch this website and our social media for all the amazing stories we will be sharing, plus all the exciting anniversary announcements to come.

Until then, thank you for digging our paddles all these years. Hope to see you “Out There”!

Mike Ramsay and Fiona Westner-Ramsay

Badger Paddles… For those who dig the water.

Celebrating 10 years of wilderness adventures in 2019

P.S. If you would like to know more about that amazing cake you see in our feature image, it was actually made a long time ago. See “Apparently You Can Have You Canoe And Eat It Too” for the backstory about the cake that photographer, and artist, Nikki Wesley made for her amazing dad!

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