Our Badger Paddle Finishes

Hand-Rubbed Oil

Our oiled canoe paddles are individually hand-rubbed for a smooth, quality finish. We offer a finishing process that combines the qualities of both our special mixture passed down from Great Grampa Badger and our 100% ALL NATURAL BADGER® WOOD OIL.

Our all natural Badger Wood Oil (our standard finish) is made from 100% hempseed oil. It has no harsh fumes and is even food safe. That means you can use our Badger Wood Oil oil on your paddles, canoe gunwales, wooden thwarts, and more without the worry of harming the environment – including the lakes and rivers you paddle – or the health & safety of your family. Click here for more information about our ALL NATURAL OIL for paddles, gunwales and more.

Due tot the demands of manufacturing, our specially formulated wood oil finish process includes Badger Wood Oil as well as an oil based formula that contains some varnish properties in order to help better protect and seal the wood – without losing the features of an oiled paddle.

Hand-Rubbed Varnish

Our special order hand-rubbed varnish finish gives a canoe paddle a bit of old-time character and a softer feel, over and above the usual standard varnish finish seen on most paddles. We hand-rub our varnished blades as our unique specialty.

After being given 3 – 5 coats of marine quality varnish, the hardened finish is given a special buffing treatment by hand.

A hand-rubbed varnish finish still has all the protective qualities of regular varnish but with a softer and more smooth feel to the touch.

Because we believe in oil’s superior comfort qualities, we only varnish the blades of our paddles and oil the shaft of the paddle (starting at the neck) and the grip. However, we are able to do a fully varnished paddle if requested, similar to our WaterColours™ finish but without the colour!

Our 100% All Natural Badger Wood Oil is available for purchase online via the Badger Gift Shop and at a number of retail locations.


Another unique finish to Badger are our WaterColours. Our vibrant colour tints are water-based, non-toxic and fun!

With variations of Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Turquoise and more, no two alike!

Originally made for Kids ‘n Cubs, it was not long before we were making our WaterColours for adults too! Badger WaterColours are a unique way for paddlers to express themselves through their gear.

After being tinted by hand, our Badger WaterColour paddles are given 3 – 5 coats of marine quality varnish to ensure years of protection and use.

Please note the depth of colour within a piece or between paddles will vary due the natural variations in wood and the tints used.

Available in Cub, youth or adult sizes, WaterColours are made from Poplar, Tulip, Ash or Maple.