Paddle Styles

The Badger® Paddles Collection

The full collection of all canoe paddle styles made by Badger Paddles
Handcrafted Traditional Canoe Paddles

At Badger Paddles we believe in tradition and using old fashioned methods wherever possible. Our canoe paddles are machine cut from a single piece of wood then given its final shape by hand using various sanders (with the exception of our Cubs). Every Badger canoe paddle is a unique wood carving and work of art. No two paddles are the same. With oval shafts and slightly rounded grips, Badger’s designs have evolved over time to become a highly refined range of traditional canoe paddles. Find out more about our process through the About Our Paddles page.

Mike Ramsey carves a new Badger paddle
Finished by Hand

All Badger Paddles are finished using methods and techniques passed on from Fiona’s Great Grandpa Sidney Badger of Badger & Son Wood Refinishers. Our preferred finish choice is wood oil, which allows us to provide a hand-rubbed finish for each paddle.

Additionally, we offer a traditional varnish finish, as well as a unique combination finish with a hand-rubbed varnish on our paddle blades with an oiled shaft and grip. Our hand rubbed varnish finish makes for a finer tactile finish and adds a nice old-fashioned touch. We also offer vibrant & colourfully tinted paddles known as Badger WaterColours™.

Custom & Personalized

Customize your paddle by choosing from various styles, woods and finishes to create your own special piece. Personalize your paddles for weddings, gifts, retirement, or to make your own unique statement. Add a name, laser engrave your logo, or artwork to make your distinctive mark with the help of Badger’s artist, Fiona.

Badger Paddle Socks

Every Badger Paddle includes a one-size-fits-most reusable Badger Paddle Sock (excluding Young Badgers and Cubs).


This teardrop beavertail was named after famed voyageur George Bonga. It has a shallow, wide blade profile making it ideal for shallow river canoe tripping.

This traditional style beavertail has a deep, wide blade with lots of surface area to move large amounts of water while running deep enough to be an effective rudder.

This modified ottertail features a finely tipped blade that widens nearer the top. This is the only Badger style currently offered with a Northwoods-style grip.

This traditionally shaped ottertail paddle is extremely smooth and quiet for a paddle with such a substantial blade surface. It is a great do-everything paddle for lake country.

This modified ottertail has a long, thin blade which helps reduce stress on shoulder joints and is great for soloing, style paddling or tandem tripping.

This modified ottertail has an even longer, thinner blade than the Sliver, similar to the long and narrow blades used by the voyageurs.



Our “Young Badgers” are made using the exact process used to build all of our hard wood traditional canoe paddles, but are shorter than our standard adult lengths and DO NOT include a Badger Paddle Sock. Standard woods used to build Young Badgers are ash or cherry. However, specialty woods and customization are available – contact us for a quote. “Young Badgers” are made for youth paddlers or smaller-framed adults.


Badger Paddles loves to get kids (and cubs) excited about paddling and the outdoors… that is why we offer our Cub paddles in different COLOURS! These laminate poplar canoe paddles for children are a time proven favourite for the young and vibrant!