Apparently you can have your canoe – and eat it too!

woman smiling looking at cake with a fondant canoe and paddling man cake topper

Apparently you can have your canoe – and eat it too!

We always enjoy pictures sent in by our paddling friends. Especially when they involve paddling and SUGAR. MMmmmmMMMMmm. Here is a canoe birthday cake we all wished we could to dig into!

Made for a paddling Dad, by his Daughter.
Looks like Dad has been captured in miniature! 
A lovely canoe cake maker with a lovely canoe cake!
This talented daughter surprised her dad with her creative cake masterpiece.

Obviously, this would take lots of artistic talent. But Nikki, the daughter of canoeist dad Hugh, has no shortage of that. She is a wonderful photographer, and when not making fabulous canoe cakes for her dad’s birthdays, Nikki keeps herself busy, and her audience delighted, with her amazing work. Visit Nikki’s website here: And thanks Nikki – and Dad (Hugh) – for letting us share your great canoe cake here. We really dig it!


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