2024 Anniversary Issue

BadgerTail Canoe Paddle

This paddle is identified as extremely smooth and quiet for such a powerful blade. This is Badger’s version of a traditional beavertail style paddle, but in our case we call it a BadgerTail. It is a popular paddle for its versatility and power.

The blade is very similar in overall volume to our popular Tripper model. But because the BadgerTail has its volume distributed lower in the blade, leverage is increased and so is power. Another benefit to having more volume in the lower section of the blade is that if you end up in shallow water you will be able to get more of the blade into the water to better propel the canoe.

Badger’s signature hand shaped transitional ridge (between the shaft and blade) allows for a strong backbone traveling well into the paddle blade. This transitional ridge gradually tapers into the blade allowing for uniform flex towards the center. The ridge also creates a smooth flow of water around the blade on the surface allowing for a more smooth and fluid stroke.

Available in Cherry and sometimes available in other specialty woods such as Walnut, Ash, Sassafras, Tulipwood…Can be oiled, varnished or given our special combination finish of an oiled shaft and varnished blade, as well as our vibrantly tinted WaterColours™ finish. Personalized laser engraving is also available.

Includes a Badger Paddle Sock for transport and storage.


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