Paddle In The Park Contest 2019

Paddle In The Park Contest 2019

Yes, it’s true! After a one year hiatus, the Paddle In The Park Contest is back to for our 10 year anniversaries. You see, not only is Badger Paddles turning 10 this May, but it turns out our best portaging pal and his pooch from are serendipitously celebrating 10 years in 2019 as well!

We first met Preston on Twitter within a few months of starting Badger, and came to be instant canoe compadres. By 2013, our friendship had grown, making us portaging partners with creation of the Paddle In The Park Contest. For 5 years we worked together to make more people aware of all the rewards and reasons for people to spend more time in nature, and help motivate them to get “Out There”.

Last year the contest was put on hiatus while Fiona took some time off to focus on her son Makobe, but this year we are back with 10 (yes, ten!) paddles for you to seek, plus there will be some new and unexpected aspects to this year’s campaign. So be ready for adventure! For more details, explore the Paddle In The Park website or read the official announcement: Paddle in the Park Contest 2019.


See the official announcement on the Paddle In The Park website for more details.

See you “Out There”!

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