Customize Your Canoe Paddle

Canoes and canoe paddles have been finished and decorated for centuries as a way to express one’s spirit and the symbolic nature of travelling the ancient waterways.

“His paddle, often brightly painted, might be a present or heirloom from his voyageur-father. The local priest would have blessed it. It was his life, his safety and his pride. This he carried himself over his shoulder.”
The Voyageurs, the Backbone of the Fur Trade
 Dorthea Calverley

Personalize Your Paddle

At Badger, you can add your name, your initials, a special quote or poem, artwork or illustration, with laser engraving or even hand painted by our artist and graphic designer, Fiona. Customizations start at $45 and vary from there, depending on size and intricacy of the design as well as whether or not you need a personalized image made for you by our artist.

Choose Your Wood

Besides decorating your paddle, you can also choose to have your paddle crafted from a variety of Badger paddle styles, shapes, as well as select from wood species (subject to availability) such as cherry, walnut, ash, sassafras, butternut, curly maple and more.

Choose Your Finish

Another way to personalize a canoe paddle to your preference is selecting the finish. Because our paddles are made-to-order, we are able to offer different finishes based on your liking. Choose to have your paddle finished with either oil or varnish, as well as tinted with a vibrant WaterColours™ hue. You can also select to give your paddle a combination finish consisting of an oiled shaft and grip with a varnished blade – our specialty. Or make a special request for a varnished shaft and blade with an oiled grip instead.

Turnaround Time

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for custom, personalized, or special order paddles. Turnaround time may be longer during periods of peak production. Contact us for more details or a quote.

Unfinished Canoe Paddles and Blanks

Unfinished paddles and paddle blanks are also available for when you have plans to create your own paddle art or signature piece. Contact us for details.

Custom Laser Engraving

Detailed view of a Badger canoe paddle with an example of a SMALL custom laser engraved name (saying Wild Spirit) with a tin of Badger Wood Oil in the background
Laser Engraving • Size SMALL

[approximate area = 3.5″W  x  1.5 “H]

• Description: Personalize your paddle with a laser engraved name, date, or small image •

:: Add $45.00 ::

Laser Engraving • Size LARGE

[approximate area = 4″ W  x  6 “H]

• Description: Personalize your paddle with a laser engraved image or words •

:: Add $65.00 ::

Detailed view of a Badger canoe paddle with an example of a LARGE custom laser engraved image (saying " 1998")
Laser Engraving • Size EXTRA LARGE

[approximate area = any image or design over the medium 4″ W x 6″ H size]

• Description: Personalize your paddle with a laser engraved image that encompasses a large area of the paddle blade •

:: Add $85.00 ::

Included Artwork Support

Paddle artwork support includes one email consultation – or a phone call – plus one round of complimentary templates. This applies when client is able to provide usable image files* or has a fairly simple request.

One Round consists of a set of preliminary custom templates sent to client for perusal and feedback, and then (if needed) one final template sent for client approval.


Extra Rounds & Artwork Support

If required, extra rounds or artwork support for custom art is available starting at $75.00 per round of supplied templates/custom artwork images. More complex image requests start at $125 per round. Note: Extra artwork support costs are in addition to price of the laser engraving.

One round consists of preliminary custom templates/artwork sent to client for perusal and feedback, and then (if needed) one final template sent to client for approval.


Usable Image Files



*Usable files for laser engraving include one colour images (positive/negative or black and white) vector based images or files such as SVG or AI. In some cases a high resolution one colour jpg or png could also possibly work.

Colour Fill:

Filling your laser engraving with colour can help to create a more distinct and unique visual effect. Note: Colour fill is extra, contact us for details and possibilities.

Ash canoe paddle tinted blue with the words, blue lake and rocky shore; I will return once more
close up of 3 canoe paddles with custom designed laser engravings