La Bonga

2024 Anniversary Issue


This teardrop shaped beavertail paddle has a shorter, wider blade profile making it an ideal paddle for paddling in shallow rivers. It is designed to efficiently pull through shallow water smoothly and quietly. Being wider than the rest of the Badger paddle lineup, it is also a popular choice for paddlers who like a short powerful blade that provides great acceleration.

Most river paddles offer a more squared-off blade. Because we are sticklers about smooth and quiet blades here at Badger, we have offered this traditional version with a more smoothed out fluid blade to pull through the water.

Compared to our other models this paddle has a higher shaft to blade ratio allowing for more leverage on the river for steering strokes. Pack-boat paddlers, who sit on the bottom of the canoe, have also found this to be an effective paddle because they can have a shorter overall paddle where the shaft is suitable for their stoke and the blade, being shorter, is easier to get in and out of the water from a sitting position.

Badger’s signature hand shaped transitional ridge (between the shaft and blade) allows for a strong backbone traveling well into the paddle blade. It then gradually tapers into the blade allowing for uniform flex towards the center. The ridge also creates a smooth flow of water around the blade on the surface allowing for a more smooth and fluid stroke.

Available in Cherry and sometimes available in other specialty woods such as Walnut, Ash, Sassafras, Tulipwood…Can be oiled, varnished or given our special combination finish of an oiled shaft and varnished blade, as well as our vibrantly tinted WaterColours™ finish. Personalized laser engraving is also available.

Includes a Badger Paddle Sock for transport and storage.



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