Our Paddles

Badger® Paddles creates made-to-order premium solid wood canoe paddles in Muskoka, ON. Badger is a cottage-industry business owned and operated by partners Mike and Fiona, a husband and wife team. Badger Paddles was named in honour of Fiona’s Great Grandfather’s wood finishing business, Badger & Son.

At Badger Paddles we believe in a mix of a little modern with a lot of tradition and strive to use the old fashioned methods wherever possible. Our canoe paddles are machine cut from a single piece of wood, after which each paddle is individually shaped by hand using an array of belt and drum sanders (with the exception of our laminated Cubs). The paddle is then given a final hand sanding before final finishing. Once finished, each Badger canoe paddle is a unique wood carving, and work of art, as no two paddles are the same.

Our Badger canoe paddles boast a traditional grip that is a bit rounded for comfort, and an oval shaft which makes for a positive index, allowing for instinctive hand placement and blade orientation while performing underwater recovery strokes, and also while paddling in general. Our paddles feature a centre ridge that extends from the shaft into the blade of the paddle for better strength and more fluid stroke (as the ridge helps the water to flow around the paddle more smoothly).

All quality Badger canoe paddles ship in and include a Badger Paddle Sock and are marked twice using a branding iron, once with our paw logo on one side of the blade, then on the flip side of the blade we brand the tip with “Badger”.

All Badger Paddles are finished by hand using the methods and techniques passed on from Fiona’s Great Grandpa Sidney Badger of Badger & Son Wood Refinishers. Our preferred finish choice is wood oil, which allows us to provide a hand-rubbed finish for each paddle. We also offer a traditional varnish finish, as well as a unique combination finish with a hand-rubbed varnish on our paddle blades, with an oiled shaft and grip. Polished smooth – our hand rubbed varnish finish adds a nice old-fashioned touch.

As a rule, Badger paddles are given several coats of wood oil or brushed with 3 to 4 coats of varnish. Additionally, we offer a very unique combination finish with a hand-rubbed varnished blade with an oiled shaft and grip. Also available are our distinctive and vibrant Badger Watercolours™ made for the young and young at heart.

You may choose to have your Badger canoe paddle personalized by laser engraving or hand painted by Fiona. Use your own artwork (or your child’s) to make your mark or have Fiona help you through the process to help create something special and personal for you for your memorable occasion. A customized paddle is a real treasure and makes for the perfect graduation, retirement, or birthday present. Personalized paddles also make for a heartfelt statement when made for the wedding party, including groomsmen, bridesmaids, or just for the bride and groom. Paddles are also available as unfinished or with a base coat of varnish for those who wish to fully create their own paddle art or signature paddle for a wedding or other significant occasion.