2024 Anniversary Issue

Woodland Canoe Paddle

This paddle features a finely tipped blade with a quiet entry much like the Sliver but the paddle widens out much more up top to give more surface area and therefore a little more catch in the middle part of the stroke where the most power is desired.

This is the only Badger model currently offered with Mike’s version of a Northwoods grip which allows for the choice of more positions to place your top hand.

The grip is also straighter on top as opposed to our traditional grip which is much more rounded, for those who prefer a more aggressive grip and do not want the rounded grip for “palming the paddle”. This paddle is well suited to tripping and recreational paddling.

Still known as the “Cecebe” in Europe, and available thru the CCB Corinthian Canoe Base in Austria as so, the Canadian name for this paddle pays homage to Kirk Wipper – founder of the Canadian Canoe Museum, outdoor educator, and true Woodsman.

Available in Cherry and sometimes available in other specialty woods such as Walnut, Ash, Sassafras, Tulipwood…Can be oiled, varnished or given our special combination finish of an oiled shaft and varnished blade, as well as our vibrantly tinted WaterColours™ finish. Personalized laser engravings and hand painted designs are also available.

Includes a Badger Paddle Sock for transport and storage.


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