Badger Paddle Socks

One Size Fits Most – Canoe Paddle Sock

• Protect your Paddle in Transport or Storage •  Compact & Lightweight • Fits a Variety of Paddle Styles and Sizes • Easy to Put On, Take Off • Made in Canada •

Did you know?

• It’s always worth protecting your paddles so your investment lasts. A Badger Paddle Sock helps to ensure your paddle is better shielded from unnecessary scrapes or scratches while in transport or storage.

• Every Badger canoe paddle includes a Badger Paddle Sock. In fact, we ship our canoe paddles in paddle socks instead of using one-use plastic. (Not including Cubs or Cub WaterColour™ Canoe Paddles for kids or Young Badgers for youths.)

• Our Badger Paddle Socks are economical. They are made to fit multiple paddle styles and lengths including those beyond our traditional canoe paddle line up.

• If your canoe paddle is 66” or less in length with a blade width of less then 9”, this sock should nicely fit your canoe paddle.

• Badger Paddle Socks are fast and easy to put on and take off. They are also compact and lightweight & can be easily stuffed into a pack or pocket.

• Badger Paddle Socks are available for individual sale.

Care & Intructions

Using your Badger Paddle Sock:

Our Paddle Socks are like the ones you wear on your feet and are knitted by a sock company in Toronto, Ontario. They are made from 100% polyester.

Badger Paddle Socks fit by stretching the material over the paddle blade and folding the sock back down, over itself, to hold it in place. You can also just pull one on but we prefer to get a bit more fancy with a PULL, TWIST and FLIP.

Our suggestion is to slide the paddle into the sock grip first. Next, PULL the excess sock over the blade tip, TWIST 2 to 3 times, and then FLIP the cuff back on itself. That’s it! Just pull, twist, flip, and you’re done!

How to care for your Badger Paddle Sock:

  1. Wash in domestic or commercial-style machine in warm water (not exceeding 40ºC) with normal agitation.

  1. Do not use chlorine-based bleach.

  1. Tumble dry at low temperature and remove the article from the machine as soon as it is dry.

  1. Do not iron or press.

History of the Badger Paddle Sock

The Early Years:

When we started Badger Paddles in 2009, we immediately began looking for a more ecological transport and storage solution for the paddles we make.

Wanting to get away from single-use plastic for shipping, and tired of big bulky, highly priced paddle bags with features specific to only one paddle style, Mike decided it was time to produce a product that was stretchy, inexpensive, light weight, and compact.  He also wanted quick and easy paddle protection that could be used with a number of different paddles and paddle styles.  Thus, the first genuine Badger Paddle Sock was envisioned. Well, sort of. The first prototype was actually two of Poppa Badger’s old hockey socks just sewn together with one end sewn shut. But that’s another story….


The First Badger Paddle Sock:

In 2010 we looked for a knitter with manufacturing capablilities and made contact with a Toronto company (who were the producers of central vacuum hose covers) and a new product was born. It was also at this time the decision was made to include a paddle sock with every Badger Canoe Paddle (excluding our little Cubs and canoe paddles for youths). This helped to immediately cut back on the use of plastic bags by the hundreds each year. Instead of shipping out paddles in single-use a plastic sleeve, each paddle was shipped in its own re-usable Badger Paddle Sock.

The original Badger Paddle Sock of 2010 was a stretchable, knitted sleeve that was easy to slip over a canoe paddle. The open end was easily cinched tight with some cord and a plastic drawstring closure. The Badger logo was screened onto each sock and was made from 100% polyester.

Not completely satisfied with the design or the fact that the socks ended up being manufactured in China, Mike and Fiona kept looking for a Canadian-made, plastic-free solution.

Present Day Paddle Socks:

By the end of 2013, we were finally able to find a Canadian manufacturer for the project and the Badger Paddle Sock was given a redesign along with its packaging.

The differences between the updated Badger Paddle Sock and the new one were simple.  The plastic closure and elastic drawstring cord was removed – as time had proven that they were not needed. Instead, the updated paddle sock fits by stretching the material over the blade and folding the sock back down, over itself, to hold it in place. Just a quick pull, twist, and flip – it’s that easy!

What hasn’t changed though, is the stretchiness of the material which still allows the sock to fit just about any traditional canoe paddle up to 66”.

From a thin solo paddle like the Sliver to a wide bladed paddle like the Digger and even some bent-shaft or 2 piece kayak paddles – Badger Paddle Socks will be sure to fit and protect your paddles for years to come.

While obviously the cost of our Canadian-made paddle socks are greater than the socks that were manufactured in China, we have long held the belief that cheaper is not better. As supporting Canadian manufactures and local companies is an important part of the Badger business plan.

Badger Paddle Sock


One size fits most, Badger Paddle Sock. Compact, lightweight. Protect your paddle in transport or storage. Made in Canada.

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Badger Paddle Socks - PackagedOur new Badger Paddle sock is an actual, real sock – just like you would wear on your feet! Made from 100% polyester and manufactured in Canada, the next generation of our Badger Paddle Socks are now available for individual sale.

Classic black with a strike of grey at the opening, our paddle sock still stretches to fit most paddles. Not just for Badger Paddles, our paddle socks can be used to protect your paddles while in transport or storage –  and that includes 2 pc kayak paddles too.

Depending on the size of your paddles, you can also use our sock to transport up to two paddles at a time – a great way to get those paddles across the portage. Don’t forget though, every Badger Canoe Paddle includes* a Badger Paddle Sock!


Paddle NOT included. 

*Not including Young Badgers, Cub paddles for kids, or souvenir sizes.