Our lil’Badger Gift Shop celebrates the 12 Days of Christmas!

Our lil’Badger Gift Shop celebrates the 12 Days of Christmas!

Just this past week, we launched a new online Gift Shop and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Looking for a way to share our joy, our friend Preston of portageur.ca suggested that we do a “Twelve Days Of Christmas” promotion. We were really diggin’ his idea so we started right away!

On the first day of Christmas my true love proved to me (that)
“GIRLS PORTAGE BETTER” with a decal for all to see.

For the first day of our “Twelve Days Of Christmas” promotion, we celebrated all the Portage Queens out there by offering our GIRLS PORTAGE BETTER decal for a special one-day-only price of $4.50 CAD. (Note: The GIRLS PORTAGE BETTER decals are still on sale but will be marked back up to the $5.00 CAD sale price by the end of today, regular price is $6.00.)

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me
A lil’snake paddle that’s as cute as cute can be! ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

For the second day of our “Twelve Days Of Christmas” promotion, we introduced a hand painted cartoon “WaterSnake” Cub paddle for a special holiday price of only $65.00 CAD (regular price $85.00) Note that is particular paddle is a one-of-a-kind, not another one will be made like it!

On the third day of Christmas my true love surprised me,
With Mrs. Callan’s chopping board beneath my tree.

For the third day of our “Twelve Days Of Christmas” promotion, we are featuring a unique solid cherry cutting board that depicts an engraved copy of Fiona’s “Trip List” sketch for a special holiday price of only $120.00 CAD (a 250 mL tin of our Badger Wood Oil is also included!), regular price $125.00 CAD. Note: We gifted a smaller, similar version of this cutting board to The Happy Camper’s lovely wife, Alana, last year and she was diggin’ it so much that we decided to make a second available for those who may wish to have the matching board to Mrs. Callan’s in their own cabin or kitchen. ;o)

On the fourth day of Christmas, I found under my tree
The perfect paddle to be built – JUST FOR ME!! ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Our “Fourth Day of Christmas Featured Item” is our Badger Gift Certificate/Receipt. It’s a gift so nice, they will celebrate twice!

With our personalized, printable, official Badger® gift note/gift receipt, you can purchase a paddle for your favourite canoeist and surprise them for the holidays. They will then be excited to make the final decision on their paddle preferences as we offer them personal guidance in paddle style and length to be delivered in time for next season. So they get to celebrate once again when they receive their paddle in the Spring!

Special Holiday Limited Time Offer: FREE HAND PAINTED NAME/PERSONALIZATION on all Christmas Badger Gift Certificate purchases! That is a $30.00 CAD value for FREE!!!

Shop from the comfort of your cabin or canoe: https://badgerpaddles.com/shop/paddle-gift-receipt/

On the fifth day of Christmas, I gave my paddle a glance
And I knew I needed some Wood Oil for maintenance! 

Yes… Maintenance. We all need to take care of our oiled paddles so our “Fifth Day of Christmas Featured Item” is our all natural, Badger Wood Oil. Made from 100% all natural hemp seed oil, our Badger Wood Oil is food safe which means you can use it for more than just your paddles!

You can apply it to your kitchen chopping boards, wooden spoons, and butcher blocks, as well as wooden axe, knife, and garden tool handles, your floors, decks, and even leather too.

Badger Wood Oil… For those who dig the earth!

Special Holiday Limited Time Price (FOR 2 DAYS ONLY!!): Buy a 250 mL tin of our Badger Wood Oil for only $10.00 CAD (Regular $12.95). Taxes and shipping extra.

Shop from the comfort of your cabin or canoe: https://badgerpaddles.com/shop/badger-wood-oil-250-ml-tin/

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
A really big BADGER® Paddles “T”!!! ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

We now have only 3 of these Profits Of Paddling T-shirts left, one XL and two XXL. As the “Sixth Day of Christmas Featured Item”, these T-shirts are now being offered at a special holiday price for a limited time only. Based on our popular “Profits of Paddling” image, paddlers really dig this T-shirt design!

Shop from the comfort of your cabin or canoe:  https://badgerpaddles.com/shop/badger-profits-of-paddling-t-shirts/

On the seventh day of Christmas, a raven came to me
And together, across the water, we shall flee! ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Hand painted by Fiona, this original design titled “Raven at Sunset” on a cherry BadgerTail paddle will be sure to add beauty to any canoe, campsite, or cabin wall. The beaming colours of the sky contrast beautifully against the black moody silhouette of the raven and trees, making it a truly striking piece. Fiona has painted a series of “Raven at Sunset” paddles, each one a little different, making this a truly unique gift for the paddler on your list. A Badger Paddle Sock is included with the purchase of this paddle.

Shop from the comfort of your cabin or canoe: https://badgerpaddles.com/shop/custom-paddle-red-raven/

On the eighth day of Christmas, I’ve only paddlin’ in my head,
But the frozen water says to wear my hat instead! ♪♫♬ 

What better way to keep warm and have paddling on your mind all winter long but with our BADGER® Paddle toques! Our special Holiday Price will last for a limited time only.

Shop from the comfort of your cabin or canoe: https://badgerpaddles.com/shop/badger-hattouque-black/

On the ninth day of Christmas, I went and stole a peek,
And saw my gift’ll be truly unique! 

Our “Ninth Day Of Christmas” featured item is our laser engraving. Use your Badger Gift Certificate/Receipt to create the most unique gift of all – one that you help to create yourself! Our laser engraving capabilities include larger images and phrases, so let your imagination fly – as fast as canoe going down river with the wind on your back – and make your paddle truly your own.

Shop from the comfort of your cabin or canoe: https://badgerpaddles.com/shop/paddle-gift-receipt/

On the tenth day of Christmas, my paddle was nicked when knocked,
So my love gave me a Badger Paddle Sock! ♪♫♬♪

Our one size fits most, (new) Badger Paddle Sock is not only compact and lightweight but it will protect your paddle in transport or storage. Makes for a perfect stocking stuffer or Xmas stocking! Made in Canada.

Shop from the comfort of your cabin or canoe: https://badgerpaddles.com/product-category/paddle-sock/

On the eleventh day of Xmas, here is something you might like.
A “special Paddle Builder’s deal from Mike! ♪♫♬

We have one prototype of our new (yet to be named!) river paddle that just so happens to have a hand painted Canada Flag design on it AND a brown leather wrap… All for a LIMITED TIME special HOLIDAY PRICE of only $135.00 CAD (Valued at $190.00!!)

Shop from the comfort of your cabin here: https://badgerpaddles.com/?p=994

On the twelfth (and final) day of Xmas, we added something new
Some stickers and “Portageur” wear too!

You know them, you love them, and now you can wear them (well not really wear them, but you can wear a t-shirt or sport a decal with their iconic and much adored silhouette logo of a portaging man (Preston) and with his loveable dog (Nancy). Can you dig it?! Find all the fun Portageur.ca SWAG here: https://badgerpaddles.com/product-category/portageur-ca/ and our newly added BADGER® Paddles decals here: https://badgerpaddles.com/shop/badger-paddles-decal/

And so now our lil’Christmas Feature is all done.
So take advantage of the sales and have some fun!

To purchase any of the items seen here visit badgerpaddles.com but please be forewarned that many of the items listed are one-offs and are the only one of its kind in stock, therefore once the item is sold, it will no longer be available.

Twelve Days Of Christmas Badger Specials
Merry Xmas & Happy caNEW Year!
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