Hand Painted Canoe Paddle – Raven at Sunset


Raven at Sunset: ONE OF A KIND hand painted custom cherry ottertail canoe paddle finished with varnish. Paintings on both sides of the blade make for a truly striking piece. Includes a Badger Paddle Sock.

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Hand painted by Badger partner and resident artist, Fiona, this paddle design titled “Raven at Sunset” – on a custom ottertail canoe paddle – will be sure to add beauty to any canoe, campsite, or cabin wall.

Although this is not a Badger Paddle, lacking the grip and transitional ridge of a Badger, the beaming colours of the sky contrast beautifully against the black moody silhouette of the raven and trees, making it a truly striking piece. The opposite blade-face also depicts a hand painted raven; a conversation piece from every side. This paddle is varnished but we suggest extra care be taken when put to use to ensure the life of the painting.

Fiona has painted a series of “Raven at Sunset” paddles, each one a little different, making this a truly unique gift for the paddler on your list.

Wood: Cherry  |  Finish: Varnished | Style: Ottertail | Included: Badger Paddle Sock

Note: Little water droplets may be seen in the images as it was snowing when the photos were taken – which really helps to capture the spirit of the season, don’t you agree?!

Raven At Sunset Hand Painted Canoe Paddle