New Collaboration – BADGER X MORTON

New Collaboration – BADGER X MORTON

Dig this: Badger Paddles has partnered with Morton Muskoka Chairs to introduce a limited run of bijoux and baubles for our Backcountry Collection and the 2023 season!

Based in Huntsville ON, Morton Muskoka Chairs specializes in Custom Muskoka Furniture & Woodcrafts. Founder Thomas built his first Muskoka chair in 2012 as a gift for his father where MCC is now the home of the finest cedar Muskoka Chairs.

The Morton Muskoka Chairs workshop handcrafts home and cottage furniture, games, gifts and decorative creations. Each piece that leaves the workshop is unique. Thomas enjoys collaborating with clients to create truly one-of-a-kind creations.

Scroll down for the full backstory of how we came together for this exclusive coopetition.

And be sure check out our little collaboration below for a few different ways to show your love of the backcountry and support two small Muskoka businesses at once!

The Collab

Backcountry Bijoux

Add a little backcountry bijoux to your jewelry box with these portage themed earrings and necklaces!

These earrings and necklace pendants are made from wood and have black painted details. Choose from natural (no colour) or filled with the traditionally vibrant portage sign yellow. There is even a matching necklace available too.

Plus, dig this: All the matching necklace pendants are REVERSIBLE with a Badger paw logo displayed on the opposite side – so you can wear it two different ways!

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Backcountry Baubles

Add a little wilderness style to your home with these backcountry themed magnets! These portage and camp themed medium strength magnets are made from various laser engraved wood with black painted details. The wooden squares are then either left natural (no colour) or filled with traditionally vibrant backcountry sign colours.

Available as the classic portage sign and as the iconic Badger Paddles portage queen, along with the traditional campsite signage and our beloved Badger paw. Show your love for canoe tripping when you are off the water trail!

Full details below…

Limited Run – Special Introductory Pricing

The Backstory

A while back, we had a customer (Justyna L.) contact us to say that they had been in touch with Thomas Morton of Morton Muskoka Chairs located in Huntsville, ON. We were told that Morton had a line of earrings depicting the classic portage signage. Apparently, the customer had inquired if he would be willing to create another version depicting a woman like Badger’s Portage Queen design.

Let’s be honest. It would have been very easy for Morton to find one of our Portage Queen images on the internet and replicate it for his sales. And he wouldn’t have been the first to do it, either. But instead, Morton had the interested customer reach out to us for the possibility of a small collaboration for the project.

Once we heard the full story from the customer, and how Morton did not wish to proceed without our permission to use the Badger Portage Queen artwork, we were immediately interested in contacting Thomas Morton. And as soon as we saw the iconic backcountry signage depicted on his laser engraved earrings, pendants, and a few other items, we knew we would totally dig working with Morton Muskoka Chairs!

Dig this: Complementary backcountry designs are available for your canoe paddle too!

A special thanks and paddles up to Justyna L. for guiding Badger Paddles and Morton Muskoka Chairs in the same direction on the same trail!



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