Backcountry Bijoux • Earrings


Add a little backcountry bijoux to your jewelry box with these portage themed earrings! These earrings are made from wood and have black painted details. Choose from natural (no colour) or filled with the traditionally vibrant portage sign yellow. There is even a matching necklace available too. Plus, dig this: All the matching necklace pendants are REVERSIBLE with a Badger paw logo displayed on the opposite side – so you can wear it two different ways!


For those who would dig a little backcountry bijoux added to their jewelry box!

Badger Paddles X Morton Muskoka Chairs Collaboration.

As part of our Backcountry Collection, these portage themed earrings and necklaces are made by from various laser engraved wood with black painted details. The wooden pendants are then either left natural (no colour) or filled with traditionally vibrant backcountry sign colours. Available as the traditional man portage sign or the iconic Badger Paddles woman portage signage. Collect them all to wear your love for canoe tripping on and off the water trail!

Stainless Steel Hook Style Earrings

Our Backcountry Collection includes our Badger paddles, along with our Badger X Morton collaboration consisting of our bijoux and other backcountry themed pieces made by Thomas Morton of Morton Muskoka Chairs. 

Badger Canoe Paddles Backcountry Collection – Portage themed Trippers

The Backcountry Collection

Backcountry Bijoux Earrings: 2 earrings, one sided (portage signage on front, black on back)

Backcountry Bijoux Necklace: 1 necklace, double sided pendant (portage signage on one side with reversible Badger Paddles paw logo on the other).

Backcountry Bijoux Set: 2 earrings, and 1 necklace

• Backcountry Magnets: Campsite signage (Orange & Black), Man Portage signage (Yellow & Black), Badger Paw logo (Natural & Black), Woman Portage signage (Yellow & Black)

• Backcountry Canoe Paddles: Your choice of Badger canoe paddle with backcountry themed signage laser engraved on one side of the blade of your paddle. Can be left natural or colour filled (black).


Additional Information

Woman Portage Earrings – Natural, Woman Portage Earrings – Yellow, Man Portage Earrings – Yellow, Woman Portage Earrings & Necklace SET – Natural, Woman Portage Earrings & Necklace SET – Yellow, Man Portage Earrings & Necklace SET – Yellow