The Twelve Days of Muskoka – Christmas & Holiday Local Gift Guide :: Day 3

The Twelve Days of Muskoka – Christmas & Holiday Local Gift Guide :: Day 3

We really dig living in Muskoka. The area is home to many beautiful iconic features and creatures that have come to help symbolize Ontario and Canada as we know it. But one of features that we like the most is how inspiring it is to live amongst the many artisans and crafters – that have made this land of rock and water their home – as well the smaller businesses that have come to be part of the personality and character of the Muskoka we have come to know and love. Thus Twelve Days of Muskoka, inspired by Suburban Tourist’s Twelve Days of Holiday Gift Giving, is meant to celebrate these people and their businesses as well as introduce you to some new gift giving ideas and remind you of some old favourites.
The Third Day of Muskoka Christmas & Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Maintenance, Repair & Storage
John Gall

John is an example of a modern day artisan of services. For almost 2 decades, John has been working intimately with fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber, Royalex and aluminum, even specializing in thin laminate construction and repair. Located in part of Ontario’s cottage country, Johnny’s Canoe & Kayak Repair Centre is the one stop boat repair place for when you are at the lake, the cottage or touring beautiful Muskoka. He also offers maintenance packages and storage.

What better gift to give then to have someone take care of your canoe for you!
Seriously, that would be a really great and unique gift idea. Have Johnny’s Boat Shop sand and oil those gunnels, adjust the screws, or clean and store your boat so your friend has a worry free winter and  great start in the Spring.
And after knowing John for many years now, we can vouch for his quality of work and experience.  His friendly personal service and special expertise always includes helpful advice as can be seen on the Algonquin Outfitters’ blog where John guest bloggs about putting your canoe away for the season. Read John’s advice here: Putting Your Canoe Away For The Winter contact him today: Contact John @ Johnny’s Boat Shop.

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