The Twelve Days of Muskoka – Christmas & Holiday Local Gift Guide :: Day 2

The Twelve Days of Muskoka – Christmas & Holiday Local Gift Guide :: Day 2

We really dig living in Muskoka. The area is home to many beautiful iconic features and creatures that have come to help symbolize Ontario and Canada as we know it. But one of features that we like the most is how inspiring it is to live amongst the many artisans and crafters – that have made this land of rock and water their home – as well the smaller businesses that have come to be part of the personality and character of the Muskoka we have come to know and love. Thus the Twelve Days of Muskoka, inspired by Suburban Tourist’s Twelve Days of Holiday Gift Giving, is meant to celebrate these people and their businesses as well as introduce you to some new gift giving ideas and remind you of some old favourites.

The Second Day of Muskoka Christmas & Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Producers of Gourmet Fine Food
Lynn and John Murden

Lynn produces a product line that consists of homemade Jams, Dessert Toppings, Pepper and Herb Jellies, Fat Free Vinaigrette Dressings and Marinades, and even pure maple syrups infused with fresh fruit or liqueurs. And we can tell you from experience that her goodies are indeed yummy! Their “Yummies” are sold either individually or in Gift Boxes. All their products are handmade and are hand packaged in the Yummies kitchen located in Baysville, Muskoka. Every recipe has been created in their own kitchen ensuring flavours unique to Yummies. As well, each product is prepared in small, individual batches using only the finest ingredients, of course. They also offer custom labelling for weddings and parties. 
Last year we had Lynn make up a batch of strawberry rhubarb jam for a playful Badger project that became Badger Bow Jam (the name “bow jam” was inspired by a canoeing maneuver also known as the “running pry”). It was truly delicious fun! This year we hope to get Lynn to do up something for another Badger project we are working on. Nope, not just Bow Jam….  but… well… you will have to just wait and see. But in the meantime, be sure to put Yummies In A Jar on your list of gifts to give. Or shop in John Murden’s gallery of fine art and photography.  Either way, a visit to Yummies In A Jar will ensure that your visual, olfactory, and gustatory senses are delighted!

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