The Twelve Days of Muskoka – Christmas & Holiday Local Gift Guide :: Day 1

The Twelve Days of Muskoka – Christmas & Holiday Local Gift Guide :: Day 1

We really dig living in Muskoka. The area is home to many beautiful iconic features and creatures that have come to help symbolize Ontario and Canada as we know it. But one of features of Muskoka that we dig the most is how inspiring it is to live amongst the many artisans and crafters – that have made this land of rock and water their home – as well the various businesses that have come to be part of the personality and character of the Muskoka we have come to know and love. Thus Twelve Days of Muskoka, inspired by Suburban Tourist’s Twelve Days of Holiday Gift Giving, is meant to celebrate these people and their businesses as well as introduce you to some new gift giving ideas and remind you of some old favourites.

The First Day of Muskoka Christmas & Holiday Gift Giving Guide

John & Tracy Ross

This place is one of those little hidden gems in the woods of Muskoka. True artisans in every sense, Tracy (and John) are the creators of beautiful works of art using leather as a medium.
Recently Mike was impressed by some custom formed knife sheaths that they created for him. The sheaths fit the knives perfectly and are gorgeous too. Tracy’s paintings and etchings are truly beautiful and her leatherwork is masterful. You have to put Tundra Runners on your gift giving list, if not for this season then for future reference. When not being a leather artists, Tracy and John also own and operate Chasing Leaves and are the local canine massage experts! 
You can visit their websites Tundra Runners and Chasing Leaves or like them on Facebook here: Tundra Runners on Facebook
Not so subtle hint to Mike: Fiona would look great in a pair of handcrafted Muks!

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