Badger Paddle Sock


One size fits most, Badger Paddle Sock. Compact, lightweight. Protect your paddle in transport or storage. Made in Canada.

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Badger Paddle Socks - PackagedOur new Badger Paddle sock is an actual, real sock – just like you would wear on your feet! Made from 100% polyester and manufactured in Canada, the next generation of our Badger Paddle Socks are now available for individual sale.

Classic black with a strike of grey at the opening, our paddle sock still stretches to fit most paddles. Not just for Badger Paddles, our paddle socks can be used to protect your paddles while in transport or storage –  and that includes 2 pc kayak paddles too.

Depending on the size of your paddles, you can also use our sock to transport up to two paddles at a time – a great way to get those paddles across the portage. Don’t forget though, every Badger Canoe Paddle includes* a Badger Paddle Sock!


Paddle NOT included. 

*Not including Young Badgers, Cub paddles for kids, or souvenir sizes.