Ontario’s Premier Engages with Badger on Twitter

Ontario’s Premier Engages with Badger on Twitter

The Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, recently joined the twitterverse (i.e. Twitter).

Not really paddling news, right?  Well… being that Mr. McGuinty has dealt personally with Badger Paddles in the past, we took it upon ourselves to welcome him to Twitter.

And, not long after we tweeted to him, the Premier replied via the world of Twitter  tweeting “Nothing like paddling a canoe to restore the spirit and reconnect with this gorgeous planet that sustains us“.  We couldn’t agree more!!!
Snapshot of @Dalton_McGuinty’s tweet to @BadgerPaddles
This isn’t the first time that Badger Paddles has had correspondence with the Premier of Ontario but it sure is pretty exciting each time that we have! (Mr. McGuinty wrote a personal note to both Mikes in the past about his experience with Badger Paddles. See the image of a personal note from the desk of Ontario’s Premier below/read the back story here.)

A copy of the personal note sent to young Mike from the desk of the Premier
Also, as a side note, we think we may know someone (who loves to share his Reflections on the Outdoors Naturally) that would like to add this paddling quote to his amazing collection of canoe & paddling quotes…. see the ever growing collection here: http://reflectionsoutdoors.wordpress.com/

UPDATE:  Not long after the first tweet from the Premier, he again tweeted about Badger Paddles, this time he declaring he is a “fan”.  See the tweet below:
Second Tweet to Badger Paddles from Dalton McGuinty

A larger snapshot of Badger’s Twitter Reply Page

Note: Badger Paddles has no affiliation with the Premier, Dalton McGuinty, his office or the Liberal Party of Ontario.  But we sure do love that the Premier “digs” our paddles!
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