NEW: Water Colours Canoe Paddles for Adults

NEW: Water Colours Canoe Paddles for Adults

We knew kids ‘n cubs would love our colourful tinted solid wood canoe paddles but we weren’t anticipating such a keen interest from the bigger kids too!
That’s right – you asked for it and we listened….  Water Colours are now available for adults!   Choose from a variety of colours like blue, green, rose, turquoise, orange and more.

Our tints are non-toxic and each Water Colours Badger Paddle is varnished with 3 coats of a high quality marine grade varnish.  For more information on Badger Water Colours – please contact us or visit Swift Canoe & Kayak.

Please note that because nature provides a variety of interesting grains and beauty marks it is natural to expect some differences in the shade or colour within a piece or between paddles.  Water Colours by Badger Canoe Paddles highlights these natural characteristics thereby preserving the beauty of the wood.
Badger Water Colours (makers of the original colourful tinted solid wood paddles) are so much fun they have already started a new trend!  These tinted paddles will also make a great gift for the holidaze this year for the paddlers on your list.   Currently only available at Swift Canoe & Kayak – be sure to get yours soon because this popular and novel item will not last long in stores!

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