Muskoka Magazine – “It’s A Family Affair For Paddle Makers”

Muskoka Magazine – “It’s A Family Affair For Paddle Makers”

This past February we were contacted by the editor of Muskoka Magazine wanting to do a feature about our family business in Muskoka. As you can imagine, they did not have to badger us to say yes to the article. While, at first, it may look like a piece about a business, if you read it, you will see it is actually a bit of a love story! You can read it online with a trial subscription at (follow the links on their website) – or buy it locally at a Muskoka area shop near you – if you can dig it!

Read Muskoka Magazine online with a trial subscription.
Kelly from The Shutterbug Gallery taking photos for the
Muskoka Magazine Feature on Badger Paddles for their July issue.

Thanks to Claudia Laroche (the author, Sandy (the editor) and Kelly (the photographer) and Graeme (the national athlete) for such an amazing day – and for the wonderful memories that will be sure to last our life time!

  • Murat
    Posted at 20:24h, 04 July

    Congrats on the article Fiona & family. I happened to come across the article in Muskoka Magazine this past weekend. Lovely photos and back story to match. Wish my other half could get into paddle carving with me to make it a family affair as well. Unfortunately right now I'm in trouble for dragging in woodshavings and irritating Sassafras dust into the house. Keep well.

  • Badger Canoe Paddles
    Posted at 12:30h, 12 July

    Ha ha! Thanks Murat!!! I am no fan of the dust myself, so I can see where the Mrs. is coming from. But I am so happy you enjoyed the article – it was a real treat for us and a really great experience for the whole family. Hey, perhaps your son will take on your talents and skills as he grows. The way he carries that little paddle you made for him, shows he is a natural born paddler!!! *wink*