Lighting The Path Of The Paddle: Motion Exposure Visits Badger

Lighting The Path Of The Paddle: Motion Exposure Visits Badger

Not too long ago, the paddling world became entranced with the special effects photography created by Stephen Orlando of Motion Exposure. For a while, there was not a day that would go by that we did not see Stephen’s beautiful pictures pop up in our social media feeds, shared by our various paddling friends and contacts.

Somehow, he masterfully mixes modern light exposure technology with a traditional activity that involves movement, such as canoeing, with stunningly brilliant results… sometimes it looks almost as if the light is actually moving and dancing across the image. It is really no wonder that Stephen and his Motion Exposure photography went viral.

We had never seen paddling represented in such a visually interesting way before, and Stephen’s photographs were revered by our online paddling community. Mike and I decided we just had to get our paws on our own Motion Exposure print!

— Stephen (@motionexposure) February 18, 2016

So imagine our delight when, upon contact with the talented photographer, we found out that the paddle that was used for this unique photography art project was a canoe paddle we made…. a Badger Sliver, to be exact! (as seen in Stephen’s tweeted image embedded above)
We were also lucky enough to arrange a scheduled visit at the Badger sett where Stephen was to deliver a special Motion Exposure print to us. It is actually one of Stephen’s beautiful images, printed directly onto a piece of plexiglass (eliminating the need for a frame). And it is even more brilliant and beautiful in person than we could have ever imagined it be, especially after viewing the same image online! The extraordinary visual contrast between the cool blue water and the fire red path of the paddle, along with the interesting use of technology in a wilderness setting with a fantastical result, truly invokes the imagination all while celebrating the universal relationship between modern-day technology and our natural world.

An extra surprise, that came with the visit, was when Stephen learned about the Paddle In The Park Contest and was on board right away to be a sponsor for 2016! You just got to dig that – we sure do!

If you haven’t had the chance to see Stephen Orlando’s unique photography, or are interested in purchasing a print of your favourite photo, visit his website gallery, follow him on Facebook etc., and be prepared to be visually amazed.

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A special thanks to Stephen for stopping by the Badger shop with his special delivery, and for making all of our lives a little brighter with his imagination and originality!
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