Kids love Cub WaterColours – Badger Canoe Paddles for kids!

Kids love Cub WaterColours – Badger Canoe Paddles for kids!

Aloha from Hawaii!
Pictured above are twin boys Keola and Kanoa (3 1/2 years old)
and their dad, Kirk, enjoying some stand up paddle time with their new Badger Cub WaterColours paddles!

We think the above picture speaks for it’s self…. Cub WaterColours, our colourfully tinted Badger Canoe Paddles for kids, gets kids ‘n cubs EXCITED about paddling!!!  Children of all ages naturally gravitate to our colourful paddles, keen to own one in their favourite colour…. and with a choice between blue, turquoise, pink, green, yellow, purple and orange and more…. they are sure to find the perfect hue.
Your kids ‘n cubs will be delighted with their Cub WaterColours and you can be satisfied to know that once they have outgrown their paddle, their fondness for their colourful paddle (and the memories that went with it) will be sure to be a souvenir from their youth and hang on a wall… until one day they have a little “cub” of their own!  Plus, the novelty of a colourfully tinted paddle will be sure to fit any kid paddler’s decor!
And, don’t worry – our WaterColours come in adult sizes too!  See our website for details and pricing.
Our Cub WaterColours can be found at Swift Canoe & Kayak and Algonquin Outfitters this coming season (note:  Swift has some in stock now!).  Be sure to stop in and watch your kids ‘n cubs get excited about owning a paddle… and getting out on the water… with you… this summer!  For more information about our Cub WaterColouror our natural cub paddles visit our Kids ‘N Cubs page now.  Adding your child’s name and personalization is available!  Visit our website for more details.
Just for kids ‘n cubs:  download our free colouring page featuring a paddling Badger named “Digger”!  Click here to check it out
Thanks to Kirk for the wonderful picture he sent us of him and his boys all the way from sunny Hawaii!  Send your photos and Badger Paddle action shots to Badger and you may see them here, on our website or one of the social networks like Badger on Facebook or Twitter.

*not including taxes or shipping where applicable.

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