Kevin Callan – A Happy Badger Ambassador

Kevin Callan – A Happy Badger Ambassador

You know we couldn’t have an official list of Badger Ambassadors without our favourite Happy Camper, Kevin Callan! As you may already know, Kevin has been a representative for Badger Paddles for many years, and an integral part of a number of Badger promotions.

From product features and placements during his countless interviews with CBC, CTV, and Global, along with as his well loved YouTube videos; to wearing a scarf for autism advocacy and hiding paddles for the Paddle in the Park Contest..

Above all, with the innumerable amount of miles his beloved Tripper has seen, there is no doubt Kevin digs Badger Paddles.

Welcoming Badger Ambassador – The Happy Camper

Hence, a very big paddles up and extra warm welcome to our newly minted Ambassador, The Happy Camper, Kevin Callan!

Read what The Happy Camper has to say about his Badger canoe paddle below. And be sure to follow Kevin to discover all the best places and gear for camping and canoeing through his multiple books, his fun and successful YouTube channel, or his always entertaining and informative social media accounts!

Badger Ambassador @KCHappyCamper

Kevin Callan - Happy Camper Logo


Consider this: you are likely to paddle well over 1,000 strokes an hour on an average canoe trip, which adds up to around 8,000 strokes per day or 56,000 strokes per week. I’m guessing a solid 20-day trip you’ll do at least 160,000 paddle strokes. It’s proof that the paddle you pick is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. My all time favourite is Badger’s traditionally shaped ottertail paddle called the Tripper.

Written by The Happy Camper (Kevin Callan)

My all time favourite is Badger's traditionally shaped ottertail paddle called the Tripper.

Kevin Callan, The Happy Camper
Kevin Callan and Oliver (the dog) in the stern, paddling a canoe on a Canadian Lake
Kevin Callan stands on shore in front of a frosty lake holding a BadgerTail canoe paddle with a red Nova Craft canoe with a maple leaf motif.

@KCHappyCamper • Kevin Callan

Kevin (aka The Happy Camper) is the author of 19 books; his latest being Another Bend in the River: The Happy Camper’s Memoir. He is an award winning writer and a keynote speaker at outdoor events across North America.

Kevin is also a regular guest on several television morning shows and CBC Radio. He has won several film awards, writes a column for Paddling Magazine and Explore Magazine.

Kevin was listed one of the top 100 modern day explorers by the Canadian Geographical Society. He was also made Patron Paddler for Paddle Canada.

Check out his web site at and YouTube channel KCHappyCamper.

Kevin Callan - Happy Camper Logo
Stylized text using canoe paddles for the "A" spelling out "Ambassador".

We are still finalizing some of the details of our new Badger Ambassadorship program, as well as working on a new Testimonial page. But in the meantime, if you really dig your Badger paddle and have a testimonial and some photos you would like to share with us, be sure to contact us to be included in our  Testimonials on this website!

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