Is there really such a thing as a GREEN BADGER?

Is there really such a thing as a GREEN BADGER?

Yes – it’s true… some Badger’s can be green!  Not only have we gone green with our new 100% All Natural Badger Paddle & Gunnel/Gunwale Oil but starting in 2011 we will no longer be using plastic in the shipping of our adult canoe paddles.

That’s right!  NO PLASTIC!

Instead, we are going to ship every adult canoe paddle, including those to all of our Dealers & Retail Partners, in it’s own Badger Paddle Sock.

Because the Paddle Sock offers more protection then a thin plastic bag AND is a more environmentally friendly solution to be used for protecting a paddle during shipping and transporting*, it is now included when you buy a Badger canoe paddle!! Which means you will be able to re-use the versatile & protective paddle sock it was shipped in, again and again.

This definitely reduces our impact on the environment with all the thousands of plastic bags we will all be diverting from the land fills and waterways by adapting this method.**

And, you will still be able to purchase Badger Paddle Socks individually at the regular price of $18.95*.  Which is great news considering the Badger Paddle Sock stretches to fit most canoe paddles up to 65 inches and works for 2 piece kayak paddles too!

At Badger, we really try to take our social & environmental responsibilities seriously and are always looking for ways to keep it green.  After all… who doesn’t “dig” the earth?!!

This picture was taken from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch website:
Visit the GPGP site for more information about this horrible mess.

  *Does not include the cost of shipping or taxes where applicable.

**In the past, Badger would ship each canoe paddle in a clear plastic sleeve but was always finding ways to distribute them locally using blankets, and paddle socks of course (even our first sock proto-types are in use: which were 2 (or 3) old hockey socks sewn together with one end sewn shut). But this takes our attempts to be green to a whole new level as there is no plastic involved and our stretchable Badger Paddle Sock can be used by the customer for their other paddles as well.

*Cardboard boxes are used where appropriate.  We re-use and/or recycle all cardboard boxes/containers we receive where & when ever possible.

  • Fat Paddler
    Posted at 12:03h, 01 November

    What a fantastic initiative! As paddlers we all need to think about what more we can do to minimise our trash footprint. Good for you!

  • Badger Canoe Paddles
    Posted at 14:17h, 26 November

    Thanks Fat Paddler – we all need to do what we can. Love Your Mother (Earth)!!