Congrats to the CGIT’s – 95 Years!

Congrats to the CGIT’s – 95 Years!

For the past 95 years, the Canadian Girls in Training (CGIT’s) have been running a program developed for young girls up to the age of 17.  The girls and their leaders participate in activities that interest the girls while in keeping with the “four elements” of the CGIT purpose:


According to their website:

“In 1915, girls didn’t go to the mall, play Nintendo™, or watch television. They didn’t wear jeans and t-shirts and they didn’t download music from the internet. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t have fun. Like you, they enjoyed getting together with friends, doing crafts, playing games, and learning together. This is the common thread that runs throughout CGIT’s history — the desire to get together, learn, and have fun.”

And – this time a small group of young CGIT girls (pictured above), who meet regularly at their local church in rural Ontario, chose to make little Badger Paddles for their craft!

When Susan, one of the CGIT leaders, sent us the pictures we were stunned by the fantastic artistry the girls showed.  Each paddle was unique and each paddle was absolutely beautiful! 

The girls worked diligently on this project over several meetings, first patiently sanding and shaping the little paddles and then designing and painting them.  “Each night the first thing they asked me was if they could work on the paddles.  They really enjoyed them.”  Susan, one of the CGIT group leaders, later reported.

Pictured above with their paddles (from left to right) are:  Emilee, Emily, Katelyn, Madison, Channelle, Ivy, Courtney, Jessica, Kaitlyn, and Olivia

Susan (see photo with the girls below), a very vibrant lady in her eighties, has been dedicated to the girls thru the CGIT program for many years.  

Susan has been a passionate canoeist her whole life and has spent many days with a paddle in hand, herself.  Susan is also the grandmother of Fiona (owner of Badger Paddles) and brought the girls the little paddles blanks* thinking they would all enjoy the craft together.  Fae, another fantastic lady, and CGIT leader, also devotes her time to this great organization and the girls.  Fae can be seen posing with the girls and their little paddles in the picture below.

Interestingly enough, although the girls could have painted anything they would have liked, many chose to do a little Badger Paddles Paw Logo.  The logo is a pretty hard design to reproduce but the talent and focus of the girls resulted in amazing illustrations and colourfully creative spins on the “Badger Paw”.  Some even painted theirs with a scene or more!  The results were spectacular and speak for themselves.  Awesome job ladies!!!

Badger Paddles would like to thank Susan, Fae, and the girls; Emilee, Emily, Katelyn, Madison, Channelle, Ivy, Courtney, Jessica, Kaitlyn, and Olivia, for their great pictures. We hope you will cherish the memories of making your little paddle with your friends as much as we are grateful you shared your lives with us in this small way.  We truly enjoyed the photos and all your fantastic paddle art!  Ideally you will all get a chance to get out on the water or enjoy nature’s splendors this summer.  We are also hopeful that your important organization will last for many more generations to come.  Congrats to the all the CGIT’s on their 95th year anniversary in 2010 and all the best in continuing to bring girls together in the spirit of friendship and community across this great land of ours.

For more information about the Canadian Girls In Training program in your area or to join, please visit their website at

*Badger Paddles makes little paddle blanks for kids’n camps.  Contact us for details.

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