Canoes: The NEW Accessory For Your Paddle!

Canoes: The NEW Accessory For Your Paddle!

This past Spring, we attended our first Canoecopia with Rutabaga in Madison, Wisconsin. Thousands and thousands of people attended, and many were there to buy boats. Which usually prompted these purchasers to also buy paddling accessories like paddles, PFD’s or maybe even some North Water equipment.

But as it turns out not everyone buys the canoe first! We definitely would have to say our favourite customer quote [ever!] came from Donna, who purchased a couple of “Reverse Splash WaterColours” from Badger®/Rutabaga at the recent expo.

Interestingly, Donna informed us by email that she had seen one of our unique WaterColours™ paddles at Canoecopia and just had to order a couple for her and her cousin, Joan. In fact, Donna was so excited, her new paddles prompted the purchase of a canoe! (See Donna’s quote below.)

Donna and Mike at Canoecopia 2012

“We are so excited about our new paddles. It’s even better to know the folks who are making them. I wasn’t even in the market for a paddle but had to have one once we saw the Badger Paddle display. I even bought a new canoe to go with my new paddle !” ~ Donna G.

Donna and Joan’s special ordered “Reverse Splash WaterColours”.

Donna went even further to request to have Fiona’s signature on the “Reverse Splash” paddles created. These paddles are truly one of a kind! We really dig making special paddles for special people. People like Donna and Joan. Thanks, Donna, for letting us post your awesome quote, and for letting us have some fun creating your paddles!

For more information about our WaterColours™, or personalized paddles, visit our website or contact us: info(at)

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