Shareable Valentines for Paddlers!

Shareable Valentines for Paddlers!

Dig this! On this page you will find a number of different canoe themed graphics we made for you to share with your paddling partner for Valentine’s Day. Free to download and use for your own personal use!

How to download and share your favourites:


Just touch or click on any below image to open it in a new window to save to your device.

Then, depending on your computer operating system, right click on the image (or double tap the key pad) to save the file to your computer.

When downloading the images to your phone or tablet, just touch and hold the image that you wish to save for a few seconds until a menu appears. Then select “Save Image“.

Next, share your love for paddling and your paddling partner for Valentine’s Day just like you would with any image. You can print, email, post, message or text any of our complimentary images to your loved one (or loved ones… hey, who are we to judge?). 😉

You can also snag these images from any of our social media posts if you would prefer or choose your favourites from the catalog below.

Save and share any of the images below with your paddling sweetheart:

Happy Valentine’s Day from Badger Paddles!

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