Badger’s Tip of the Week to go Monthly

Badger’s Tip of the Week to go Monthly

Badger Paddles’ Tip of the Week includes information on paddling, camping, portaging, boat transport, and maintenance tips, as well as any other information that we may find to be useful around our sett.

Actually, this week’s “tip” is, in truth, a bit more of a Badger update then a tip. Unfortunately, our Badger Paddles’ Tip of the Week will be going on hiatus for the rest of July (as we will be spending more time outside and on the water and less time in front of our computer screens) and when we do come back online, there will be a few changes for this blog. So, while we love bringing you tips every week, we are going to scale back on the amount of suggested tips we bring you so we can make room for some other Badger features.

Not wanting to bombard your Facebook or Twitter feed with too much Badger (even though you do dig us!), we’ve decided we will be doing tips on a more monthly basis. That’s right! We really don’t want to badger you too much. But when we get back, we still plan to bring you lots of great content including a Badger’s Tip of the Month, a few guest bloggers , and our newly planned Badger’s Featured Paddler series as well as our not-so-regular items. So be sure to stay tuned in the future. And in the mean time, in case you missed any, here’s our suggestion for this week: you can find all the past Badger Paddles’ Tip of the Week posts here: Search Tag: Tip of the Week. We’ll see you in a few weeks then. Safe and happy paddling everyone!!!

Do you have any tips to share? Send us your tips and paddling advice – and if your tip is featured here – we will send you a free Badger Paddles sticker!!! All you have to do is email us your suggestions.

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