Badger’s Tip of the Week – Sticking Ferrules

Badger’s Tip of the Week – Sticking Ferrules

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This week’s tip is an old one and it comes from Poppa Badger, who is an avid fisherman. Thanks Poppa!!!
A Quick and Natural Remedy
for 2 pc Fishing Rod Ferrules that Stick

After storing and/or carrying around a 2 piece fishing rod in inclement weather, sometimes (when we go to join the two rod halves), the ferrules can prove to be resistant or even get stuck. If you are finding it  a bit difficult joining your rod together, next time try rubbing a little bit of “grease” from the side of your nose (using your finger) onto the male ferrule of your rod, to help glide it into place more easily.
Rub some of the oil from your skin (side of the nose) onto
the male ferrule portion of your two piece fishing rod
before joining the two halves for easy assembly.

The natural oils in your skin around your nose (usually considered one of the most oily parts of the face) help to lubricate the metal pieces when joining the rod together. And this “grease” does not cause any sort of suction effect like oil based lubricants can. A useful tip for someone who wants to get their “fish on” in a hurry without the hassle of digging thru their condensed fishing kit for another solution.

Apparently, this is also a good tip for KAYAKERS as well. According to Gord Baker of Algonquin Outfitters, “The nose grease trick works on well on kayak paddle ferrules as well.”. That’s good to know, thanks Gord!!

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