Badger’s Tip of the Week – How to Make an Algonquin Screwdriver

Badger’s Tip of the Week – How to Make an Algonquin Screwdriver

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Most Algonquin Park visitors are aware of the NO CANS or GLASS CONTAINERS rule within the park’s interior. This can propose a real challenge for those who like to relax with an after dinner drink by their campfire. Out of respect for the Park rules, some have come up with an easy solution: THE ALGONQUIN SCREWDRIVER. Easy to make, the Algonquin Screwdriver is just a mix of drinking water, Tang and Vodka. While it is true that wine does come in a Tetra Pak, the Algonquin Park Screwdriver mix is truly for the hard-core. (Does anyone feel Mike’s influence for this weeks tip yet?!!)
The Algonquin Screwdriver mix is just
Drinking Water, Tang and Vodka to taste.
How to make THE ALGONQUIN SCREWDRIVER: Just mix up some Tang (according to the package directions and the size of your container) – make sure you leave some room in your container for the vodka – and add the Vodka to your taste. For a single serving: Try mixing approximately 6 ounces of drinking water with 2 ounces of Vodka, plus 2 tablespoons of Tang. Cheers!

HINT: For extended journeys, bring a couple of smaller bottles instead of one large one. Buy plastic bottles only OR buy glass and TRANSFER your vodka (or your preferred choice of alcohol) to a reusable container like a Nalgene or a stainless steel container for travel within a wilderness area.

Note: Within Algonquin Park, Alcohol is restricted to a registered campsite only and is prohibited in all public areas including beaches and roadways. Drinking is only permitted for adults who are of the legal drinking age. Cans and Bottles are prohibited in the Park Interior. Please check with Algonquin Park staff for clarification of all Algonquin Park rules and regulations BEFORE you start your Park adventure.

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  • Fat Paddler
    Posted at 12:19h, 12 May

    I like to take hidden stashes of rum and a few fresh limes in my pack. Then you just need to cut, squeeze and mix – and it doubles as a cure for scurvy!!

  • Badger Canoe Paddles
    Posted at 16:23h, 12 May

    Tang helps with the scurvy issue too, FP! *wink* But Mike does bring a lime or two with him when he trips – I (Fiona) tend to sneak in the potatoes (gotta have a potato with my steak – the only time I really tend to enjoy eating steak! i.e. Over an open fire and only during the first couple of days into the trip – after that it's dry back packers food type stuff).
    Actually, FP, did you notice that one of the bottles in the picture was labeled "Cap. Morgan's Spiced Rum"?!! That was for Mike and YOU! LOL