Badger Sightings in Europe

Badger Sightings in Europe

Have you ever sighted a Badger®?!
They’re not only in Canada – they can be found in places as far away as Australia (yes.. it doesn’t get much further away then that!), the United States of America and even Europe too.
So how do you increase your chances of a Badger® sighting in Europe?
The best place to start is in Austria, specifically the Carinthian Canoe Base sett. Not only will you spot a Badger® (who would love to be taken home and adopted by a paddler like you!) but you will also lay your eyes on some of the most beautiful canoes you will ever see (if you are lucky enough to catch one in your view – because they areSwiftCanoes after all! *pun intended*).
CCB display Swift Canoes and Badger® Paddles at the
Austria Boat Show in Tull this past March.
Photo credit: CCB-Swift Europe
Interesting displays and bright lights really show the beauty
of the Swift Canoes. We’re really digging the CCB booth space!
Photo credit: CCB-Swift Europe

Daniela from CCB stands by the uniquely designed paddle
rack/display – each paddle was attached by rope to a river
rock – we (at Badger® Paddles) love incorporating raw
elements with our solid wood paddles – it’s a natural combination!
Photo credit: CCB-Swift Europe
Here is a better angle of the paddle racks with the attached
river rock – we have very creative paddling friends over seas!
Photo credit: CCB-Swift Europe
This Badger sighting is from a Sliver owner in the U.K.
Picture taken at Coombe Haven by Marcus G.

So what do you do when you see a Badger®?
Well, you pick it up and take it for a dip, of course! After all, our paddles really do dig the water. Contact CCB-Swift Europe for more information, to arrange a “viewing”, or to see how to go about getting your paws on a Canadian made Badger® Paddle and/or Swift Canoe. Dig this: Wolfgang and Daniela are really nice folks who go to a lot of trouble to bring quality handcrafted traditional Canadian canoes and paddles over seas. They are truly passionate about paddling and quality gear and would love to chat with you about paddling, “open canoes”, and any other traditional gear.

So what do people who own their own Badger® have to say about our paddles?
They really dig ’em! One Sliver owner even went as far as to compare his Badger® Paddle to Angelina Jolie! But don’t take our word for it. Read our customer testimonials here: Badger® Customer Testimonials. Remember, if you do decide to adopt a Badger®, just make sure you get out on the water with it as much as possible to keep you – and your paddle – happy! :o)

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