Badger® Rustic & Natural Edge Creations

Badger® Rustic & Natural Edge Creations

One thing we like to do around here at Badger® is to keep it natural. Always looking for ways to be respectful of our resources and planet, we also like to find a purpose for everything (with the goal to have the least amount of scrap and waste possible). So while we do appreciate and offer modern smooth edged wood canoe paddle racks and such, we also take great pleasure in expressing our craft in a rustic and more charming style as well.

Example of an (unfinished) modern
smooth edged cherry 2-paddle rack.
(MSRP $30.00* CAD)
See below for photo examples of our
Badger® Rustics Paddle Racks.
*shipping and/or taxes not included

When making paddles there are a lot of cut-offs and discarded wood, pieces with really pretty knots, and we felt that “scrap” could be put to better use then just used for burning in the wood stove during the winter for warmth. Many of these end pieces and even sometimes whole entire boards cannot be used for our paddle production, yet are distinctively beautiful and workable just the same. And this by-product of paddle production shouldn’t be wasted or discarded by any means, so we usually turn our cast offs from the possibility of becoming firewood into one-of-a-kind treasures.

Having made some natural edge cutting boards and other charming items for friends and family over the years, we have just now decided (due to the urging of others who had received these rustic pieces as gifts) to make these works available to all. Thus, the Badger® Rustics series of distinctive products are born!

Sometimes looking at rough wood, it is hard to see what a finished piece could turn out to be. Other times, you can see the idea and finished form clearly and are inspired right from the very beginning. That is what our natural edge products are all about for us at Badger® – paying tribute to the tree’s natural inspiration and design while enhancing it’s function.

When selecting the wood for a rustic and natural edge creation, we look for the unique features that will really bring out the original aesthetics of a finished piece. Because each Badger® solid wood natural edge cutting board or rustic paddle rack is so unusual, each piece of wood so distinct, none can be duplicated. Which means you are giving (or getting) a real one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, Canadian-made treasure to add to your home or cottage.

Out of the Rough, From Scrap To Special:
Made of cherry, these wood off-cuts were made into paddle racks and natural edge cutting boards (because naturally, we all dig food!) while later hand finished with our all natural and food safe Badger® Wood Oil/Paddle & Gunnel Oil. Because no two creations are alike, all pieces are priced individually dependent on size and other characteristics.

The beginnings of a rustic 3-paddle rack.
A single rack gets a final hand-sanding before oiling.
Some Badger® items waiting for Badger® Wood Oil.
A fresh coat of Badger® Wood Oil is absorbed quickly on this unfinished wood.
This finished 3-paddle rack is rustic and ready for hanging!
MSRP only $75.00* CAD (paddles not included)
*shipping and/or taxes not included
This single Badger® paddle rack is truly one of a kind.
 MSRP only $40.00* CAD
*shipping and/or taxes not included
These “natural edge” cutting boards are made from thick
solid cherry wood and will last for many years.
The MSRP on these Badger® Cutting Boards is only $50.00*each CAD
and includes a 250 mL tin of Badger® Wood Oil
*shipping and/or taxes not included
Each board is two-sided, with one side left unmarked while
the other side is branded with our trademark Badger® “paw”.
Big or small, we work with all sorts of sizes!

So if you are looking for a great piece for your home or cottage, or are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for that special person or event, our BADGER® Rustics & Natural Edge Cutting Boards are uniquely perfect for you! Where our rustic paddle racks are ideal for canoeists, our BADGER® Natural Edge Cutting Boards are perfect for just about anyone and for any occasion – including weddings, anniversaries (especially 5th year wedding anniversaries where the traditional gift is wood!), also Christmas’, birthdays, retirements, housewarmings, hostess gifts, and more. Plus an added benefit to our Natural Edge Cutting Boards is each one comes with a 250 ml tin of our Badger® Wood Oil so you can maintain it’s appearance and durability over it’s lifetime.

Each Natural Edge Cutting Board we make comes with
a 250 ml tin of our Badger® Wood Oil
The MSRP on this Badger® Cutting Board/Oil is only $50.00* CAD
(carrot not included!) (Oil Tin may not be exactly as shown)
*shipping and/or taxes not included
As well, because our Badger® Wood Oil is FOOD SAFE, you can also use it on your wooden handled utensils, solid wood salad bowls, chopping blocks, furniture, as well as your paddles and more… a really great added value in today’s costly world. And to celebrate the launch of Badger® Rustics, we will be giving away one natural edge cutting board (with a 250 ml tin of our Badger® Wood Oil) at the beginning of October! UPDATE: this contest is now closed!!! Click here for details or email us.

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  • Anonymous
    Posted at 21:01h, 07 January

    Your parents gave me a beautiful Badger Cutting Board for my 65th birthday – it is beautiful and will always be treasured (and kept in fine condition with my Badger Oil)! Thank you Badger Paddles for keeping the memory of our dear old Grampa Badger alive – he would be so proud….. P