Badger Results – Mystery T-Shirt Contest

Badger Results – Mystery T-Shirt Contest

When Algonquin Outfitters presented us with the bright red T-Shirt and we saw the humourous phrase screened onto the shirt- we just knew we were going to have some fun! And so we did.

Badger’s Contest Recap:

We started by inviting participants to guess what the funny phrase was – ’cause we weren’t telling! The first 10 people to guess and email us the correct phrase were to be entered into a draw for the T-shirt, Algonquin Park Canada Ceramic Travel Cup, and a Badger Paddle Sock too.

With just a few hints, the contest was underway!
_ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _    _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _    _ _    _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _ 
And there was an image clue to start as well:
Contest Image Clue #1

The only other clues were the mention of the words “NATURAL PADDLER” by way of question:
Then there was another image clue given:
Image Clue #2
Plus there were a couple of missing letters added:
By this time the entries were coming in fast!
As a special surprise, our first correct entrant received a lil’ Badger WaterColours Paddle KEYCHAIN. Christine (Chris) J. of Ontario took this honour and decided on a blue one!
lil’ Badger Paddles KEYCHAINS
Ash WaterColours shown.
These little paddles are HAND PAINTED!!!
It wasn’t long before all 10 finalists had their CORRECT answers in with the final list being:
1. Christine J.
2. Liz S.
3. Frank D.
4. David C.
5. Jimmy B.
6. Wilbur W.
7. Karen M.
8. Laura O.
9. Mike O.
10. Bev E.
And the winner (selected by random) is:

Liz S.

Congrats Liz! Liz has won the following SWAG from Algonquin Outfitters and Badger Paddles: One (1) Red T-Shirt; one (1) Algonquin Park Canada Ceramic Travel Cup; and one (1) Badger Paddle Sock. Prizes as shown below:
Liz S. is the lucky winner of this SWAG!!!

But it doesn’t end there! As another surprise, we also randomly selected 5 more winners (from all who participated beyond just our list of 10 finalists). Eligible were all those who “answered” the question “Are you a NATURAL paddler?”. Chosen by random,  the winners of a Mini Badger SWAG kit (which includes the following: One (1) lil’ Badger Paddle KEYCHAIN – Hand Painted (Cherry) plus one (1) AO Sticker and one (1) Badger Paddle Sticker) are:
Bev E.
Jimmy B.
Karen M.
Joey R.
Frank R.

Bonus Random Drawing
for a mini Badger SWAG kit:
(a lil’ Cherry Badger Paddle KEYCHAIN*,
an AO STICKER, and a Badger Paddles STICKER)
*Hand-painted, may not be exactly as shown
So there you have it, the winners and the mysterious winning phrase:
Thanks to Algonquin Outfitters for supplying us with such fun and as always for their great generosity! Make sure to check out AO’s other great contests and prizes – right now they are giving away a canoe trip into Algonquin via their Wildlife Photo Contest and more! (Plus Badger Paddles has added a small prize for “Badger’s Best” photo!!) And be sure to stop into Algonquin Outfitters locations (in Huntsville and Oxtongue) this season and check out Algonquin Outfitters’ one-of-a-kind Badger Cub WaterColour “Splash” Canoe Paddles for kids. Perfect for the cottage or campsite – these rainbow effect paddles will be sure to get your kids ‘n cubs excited about paddling this summer!!!
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