Badger Paddles T-shirts now available!

Badger Paddles T-shirts now available!

Badger Paddles T-shirts seen here in black.
Our new Badger Paddles T-shirts are made exclusively by Llama Yama Designs… ecocentric, eclectic and human friendly.  This really cool design (by our friend Carmen B.) was printed on black shirts (with white ink) and on gray too (with black ink).
The best thing about these shirts is that they are “fair trade” merchandise bought from an El Salvadorian women’s co-op, and, we have been told, that some of the shirts could even consist of “fabric ends”.  So we at Badger are really happy that the shirts are both socially and environmentally conscious merchandise.
Bob & Asako of Llama Yama Designs choose to only use fair trade products as they are own & operate this very socially conscious & respectful company. Locally printed at the Llama Yama’s retreat just outside of Algonquin Park, Canada, these Badger Paddle T-shirts are sure to inspire you to get out and dig the water! 

Our Badger Paddles Fair Trade T-shirts are only $25.00*
purchase a T-shirt for only $20.00*

*(plus shipping & taxes where applicable).

And speaking of T-shirts, here is a cool video of how to fold a T-shirt as seen in Japan that our friends Bob and Asako shared with us.  Why not try it with your new Badger T!  Or check out Llama Yama Designs’ online store for some more great designs or become a fan of Llama Yama on Facebook.  According to the Llama Yama Designs’ website, their “graphics pack a subtle, not in-your-face message which are ecocentric and quirky” as their “goal is to create images that reflect the whispers of nature, bio-diversity, and the complexity of simple machines and mechanisms inspired by ecological design and mutually contradictory images.”  How cool is that?!!

 We’ll be watching for you in your Badger T’s this summer – so hope to see you out on the water!!!
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