Badger Paddle & Gunnel Oil – NEW for 2011

Badger Paddle & Gunnel Oil – NEW for 2011

As popular as varnish is, there is still a very large following of paddlers who prefer to oil their paddles.  Many like the idea of the oil penetrating deep into the wood, other’s like the way it feels in their hand when in use and even report less blistering and that slippery feeling (that varnish has when wet) is greatly reduced.  While the oil maintenance issue is described by some as being easier – others find varnish to be less demanding of their time.  Badger believes in the superior qualities of an oil finish but still offer both oil and varnish finishes to our customers.

About Badger Oil:
Badger Paddles uses their own Oil Recipe, passed down from Great Grampa Sydney Badger.  Badger’s standard oil is a mixture that contains some varnish properties, linseed, and other chemicals.  Not the most environmentally friendly concoction but it is a time-proven formula for protecting your paddles and other wooden surfaces.  For maintenance, we usually recommend a tung oil (e.g. Behr’s Scandinavian Tung Oil or another “marine quality” product).  Again, not very environmentally friendly.  And for some, the fumes prove too harsh or they have concerns about the heath and environmental impacts of using harsh chemicals.  Well, not any more!

At Badger Paddles, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously.  We really “dig” the Earth!  That’s why Badger is proud to announce that they will now be offering a choice of OIL FINISHES for your paddle(s).  While we still recommend Grampa Badger’s Oil (our standard oil finish); we now offer a 100% ALL NATURAL Paddle & Gunnel Oil that is safe for the environment and your health!

Badger Paddle & Gunnel Oil – NEW for 2011 – is 100% All Natural Hemp Oil that has no harsh fumes and is even food safe.  That means you can use the oil on your paddles, canoe gunnels, wooden thwarts, etc., without worry the of harming the environment or the health & safety of your family or the lakes you paddle in.

Our new Badger Paddle & Gunnel Oil is not only food safe* but is easy clean up too – just use soap and water!  And, unlike our standard oil – our 100% All Natural Badger Paddle & Gunnel Oil will be available for purchase!

Badger Paddle & Gunnel Oil – 100% Natural (250 mL tin) is coming soon!  And if you choose the All Natural Oil Finish instead of Standardit’s still the same price!  Stay tuned to Badger for more information and launch dates…..

*You can even use it to maintain your wooden cutting & chopping boards/blocks.

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