Badger DIGS Canoecopia 2012

Badger DIGS Canoecopia 2012

This paddle (set) – close up view – will be unveiled at Canoecopia with
Nova Craft‘s Jackson Pollock inspired abstract art canoe.
Nova Craft‘s Jackson Pollock inspired abstract art canoe.
This is a very special season for us at Badger® Paddles. We almost felt like we “got a golden ticket” when we received our invitation to attend Rutabaga’s renowned Canoecopia this year. Not only will this be our first official booth at a trade show or event, but this is also our first real official debut in the U.S. and we could not be more excited. It almost feels like it did the time Badger® attended our first ever event at the Swift Canoe & Kayak‘s Guelph Lake Sale only a few years ago.

Hand painted paddles that will be
available at Canoecopia 2012

But this time, instead of just 6 styles of oiled paddles, Badger® Paddles has grown to include WaterColours(colourfully tinted solid wood canoe paddles for kids or adults), combination finish paddles (the best of both worlds – a varnished blade with and oiled shaft/grip), Badger® Wood Oil, T-shirts, Badger® toques (hat), and more! Plus, unlike when we first launched, now every adult length  Badger® Paddle includes it’s own Badger® Paddle Sock – a sock that will protect and stretch to fit almost any style paddle you have in your collection up to 65″ in length – not just your Badger® Paddle.

Combination finished paddles –
varnished blade with oiled shaft/grip.

We are really having as much fun with this event as we can so be sure to stop by the Badger® Paddles booth and say hello to Mike and check out some of the hand painted paddles Fiona has done for this special occasion – including the Jackson Pollack inspired art paddles to be unveiled with Nova Craft‘s abstract art canoe (see above photos).
So if you want to just talk paddling, or have questions about how our paddles are made, or are interested in purchasing a paddle from it’s maker, then Mike will be more then happy to chat with you. Just look for the Badger® Paddles booth. Canoecopia is held annually in Wisconsin, U.S.A. by Rutabaga. This year Canoecopia will be the weekend of March 9 – 11th. For more information and/or tickets, please visit Or read the 2012 Canoecopia Gazette. Hope to see you there if you can dig it!

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