Badger® Demo Paddles For Sale Autumn 2011

Badger® Demo Paddles For Sale Autumn 2011

BadgerPaw – Photo credit: R. Parnis

It’s that time of the year where many outdoor manufacturers and retailers sell off some of the old demo gear to make way for the new. And so that means it’s also the time for YOU to save $$$.

If you are looking for a handcrafted Badger® Canoe Paddle (or two) to add to your collection, be sure to check out the following list for some of the paddles we have available for quick sale.

And if you see something you are interested in, be sure to contact us A.S.A.P. to ensure that get your paws on the paddle you are diggin’ on!

How to purchase from this list:
Contact: Mike Ramsay Ph: 705-783-6016
Email: sales(@)badgerpaddles(dot)com

List of Demo Paddles & Blems*
Note: All prices are listed in Canadian Funds and do not include tax(es) or the cost of shipping (where applicable).

Demos (A Series – Like New)
57″ Sliver, Cherry, Oiled – $100.00
60″ Sliver(s), Cherry, Oiled – $100.00
57″ BadgerPaw, Cherry, Oiled – $100.00

Demos (B Series – Used)
57″ Tripper(s), Cherry, Oiled – $90.00
60″ BadgerTail(s), Ash, Oiled – $85.00
60″ BadgerPaw(s), Ash, Oiled – $85.00

Unfinished Blems (with identified issue)
60″ BadgerPaw, Tulip (A-symetrical blade shape) – $70.00
60″ Digger, Cherry (Thin grip) – $80.00
57″ Tripper, Cherry (Filled in knot on blade) – $70.00
57″ BadgerPaw, Cherry, (Varnish sanded off blade) – $80.00
57″ BadgerPaw, Cherry, (Fill in on blade) – $65.00

Finished Blems (with identified issue)
63″ Sliver, Cherry, Oiled, (A-symetrical blade shape) – $90
60″ Tripper, Cherry, Combination Finish [oiled shaft/grip and varnished blade] (filled in knot hole on blade – under Badger® logo) – $90.00

Questions? Contact: Mike Ramsay Ph: 705-783-6016 or Email us: sales(@)badgerpaddles(dot)com. But don’t forget to hurry – because at these end of season sale prices these paddles won’t be available for long!

*Blem (or blemished paddles) refer to paddles with slight imperfections that do not affect the over-all usefulness of the paddle but may not be as strong as we would like. These paddles may or may not bear a BADGER® logo. For the record, we do not believe in blems based on aesthetic appeal otherwise known as cosmetic blemishes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Wood has many features; very small knots or discolourations, and/or variations in grain that do not affect the overall strength of a properly maintained paddle, are not considered seconds. Whereas our blemished paddles (or seconds) refer to paddles that have slight imperfections that have been fixed or may affect the strength of the paddle. Paddles that are unfixable or deemed unusable are sold as paddles for paintings, wall hangers, and made into Badger Paddle Slice necklaces. Demos (or demonstration paddles) refer to paddles that have been used as sales samples (A Series) or have been lightly used (B Series) for demonstrations, in canoe photo shoots, etc.
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