Badger @ Canoecopia: A Behind the Scenes Look (Part 1)

Badger @ Canoecopia: A Behind the Scenes Look (Part 1)

This is the first year Badger® Paddles will be attending Canoecopia and we thought it might be interesting (for those who dig a behind-the-scenes look) to share some of the goings on in getting ready for – what is known as –  the World’s Largest Paddlesports Exposition. So here is our Canoecopia back-story in pictures… 
Jackson Pollock inspired art paddles – these paddles will be
seen along side of Nova Craft’s artistic canoe at Canoecopia.
Fiona loved creating these paddles for Nova Craft.
Little souvenir canoe paddles ready for their final hand sanding.
Badger® Paddles being oiled and varnished Cubs.
Colourful Badger® WaterColours – curing in the shop. 
“If you build it, they will come”
Seen above: Part of the Badger® Booth to be unveiled at Canoecopia 2012
Interesting to note: The canoe shelf was an old canoe that was pulled from
a swamp in Crowe Lake, Ontario several years ago. Rotted through,
after years of being submersed, we decided to re-purposed it for
the booth to display Badger® merchandise.
Mike braves the cold and snow to start loading the booth
into the Badger® Paddles truck.
Just have to load the canoe shelves and the big stuff is done!
Now just some racks and a few miscellaneous items to go.

That’s Digger (the Badger mascot), who jumped in the paddle
rack shipping box. Looks like he is looking forward to the trip!

Badger @ Canoecopia: A Behind the Scenes Look (Part 2) coming upon Mike’s return!
  • Mike
    Posted at 14:00h, 06 March

    OK where's the Badger Bow Jam I heard so much about….the one with the 'RED' canoe on it LOL LOL….and a canoe shelf?!?!?….oh well, it's OK to use an old canoe as a shelf if you rescued it from a swamp….although I have an old canoe that was donated for a possible youth restoration project that is so far gone that rather than using it as a shelf I'll be sacrificing it to the fire gods at the Killbear Paddlers Rendezvous in September LOL LOL….any way I love the Jackson Pollack inspired paddles….and hope you guys wow them at Canoecopia….

  • Badger Canoe Paddles
    Posted at 18:31h, 08 March

    Thanks Mike! And don't worry – you'll get your Bow Jam when you return from your big expedition up North… But you're going to have to buy Fiona dinner first! *wink*