Badger® Bow Jam – On Toast! (No Special Paddling Skills Required)

Badger® Bow Jam – On Toast! (No Special Paddling Skills Required)

According to Discover Canoeing: A Complete Introduction to Open Canoeing by James Weir a “bow jam” is “a stroke that will turn a canoe very sharply. When a paddle blade catches or jams under the canoe it will unbalance the canoe and turn it around. The bow jam harnesses this reaction and turns it into a very powerful paddle stroke.”

So in celebration of our first Canoecopia – and just for fun – we did up a few Bow Jams for some of our favourite paddling friends. No – we didn’t get out in a canoe for our Bow Jam – the lakes are still frozen here in Muskoka at this time of the year. But we still managed to come up with a number of Bow Jams, just the same.

Badger Bow Jam: 125 mL jar of Strawberry Rhubarb Jam prepared
in Muskoka, Canada by Yummies In A Jar
Very limited quantities are available – contact us for more information.
Fortunately you don’t need any special paddling skills for our Badger® Bow Jam – especially if you are trying it with toast for breakfast!
Thanks to Lynn Murden from Yummies In A Jar
for making such delicious “Bow Jam”!
Prepared in Muskoka by the locally renowed Yummies In A Jar, our Badger® Bow Jam is NOT made from canoe bows, but from delicious strawberries & rhubarb*! Inspired by Fiona’s love of word play and thus named after the “bow jam” paddle stroke (a.k.a. running pry), as seen in the video examples below, our “Bow Jam” has been described as follows:
Badger® Bow Jam: The fast and light flavour of the strawberries are perfectly balanced with the sharp, pivoting flavour of the rhubarb. Our Bow Jam will quickly turn any meal into a tasty treat. A delight to any canoeist’s style and taste buds – naturally it  goes quite well with bannock!
Picture of actual label on jar. Click on the image to enlarge.
Here is a paddler completing a single handed “bow jam”.

Want to learn how to do a single handed “Bow Jam” yourself?
(And this time we don’t mean the edible kind!)
 Be sure to pick up a copy of the DVD
Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing with Becky Mason

For those who dig strawberries, sugar, rhubarb and wordplay!
*Ingredients: Fruit (Strawberries and Rhubarb), Sugar, Water, Pectin, and Lemon Juice (no sulphites).

Badger® Bow Jam:
both novel and delicious!
Contact us for more information if you think you would dig trying a Badger® Bow Jam. Remember, you don’t have to be a master or advanced paddler to be able to do our Badger® Bow Jam
But be forewarned – we only have a very VERY limited supply at this time so don’t wait to badger us for your jar if you want some!
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