Anniversary Issue Canoe Paddles

Anniversary Issue Canoe Paddles

Celebrating 15 Years of Paddle Making and Wilderness Adventures!

2024 is a celebratory year marking Badger’s 15th season of paddle-making and canoeing adventures. Join the celebration and help us to support reforestation efforts across North America and around the globe. Because when you purchase a 2024 ANNIVERSARY ISSUE Badger canoe paddle, you will be assisting in the regeneration of forests including those stricken by fire.

Reforestation can be defined as the process of replanting trees in areas that have been affected by natural disturbances like wildfires, drought, and insect and disease infestations — and unnatural ones like logging, mining, agricultural clearing, and development. This can mean anything from supporting natural regeneration in an area that has been degraded to planting ecologically appropriate tree seedlings after forest fires.

Thank you for 15 remarkable years of paddling, exploring, and making memories with us!

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