Algonquin Paddlesports Assembly – What you missed!

Algonquin Paddlesports Assembly – What you missed!

Algonquin PaddleSports Assembly
SEPTEMBER 23 – 25, 2011

Did you miss the Algonquin Paddlesports Assembly this year?!! That’s too bad. No, seriously, that’s really too bad!

Because that means you missed out on all of the great seminars and demonstrations with some of the industry’s leading experts like… boat designers David Yost or Bill Swift. And paddling icons such as Mark Scriver and Charlie Wilson, including Swift‘s own Brian Duplante and Skip Taylor… along with Mike Ramsay (of Badger® Paddles, of course!), as well as the knowledgeable John Gall (Johnny’s Boat Shop: Canoe & Kayak Repair Centre) and even Brian Smith (of Hobie Kayaks) too. Not to mention some really great deals on new & used boats plus other great outdoor gear.

From learning to SUP to boat repair and from canoeing freestyle to paddle maintenance, this assembly had it all. And for those of you who were unfortunate enough to miss this great opportunity, we have uploaded a copy of our Wood Paddle Maintenance & Storage Handout that will available to download for a limited time! Click here to download our Canoe Paddle/Gunwale Maintenance & Storage Handout now.

Click on this text link to download the handout now.
automatic download – 257 KB PDF file
So what did you really miss at the ALGONQUIN PADDLESPORTS ASSEMBLY?

World renowned paddlers Mark Scriver (SUP) and
Charlie Wilson (Freestyle – yellow canoe) take to the water for their clinics.
Here is the schedule of events from the weekend….

  • 9:00 am Intro to Rowing Demonstration Bill Swift – Waterfront A

  • 10:00 am Design & Construction Presentation David Yost /Bill Swift – Swift Boat Yard
  • 11:00 am Boat Maintenance, Storage & Repair John Gall – Clinic Area A
  • 11:00 am Intro to Kayak Demonstration Brian Duplante – Waterfront A
  • Noon Intro to Stand up Paddle Boards Demonstration Mark Scriver – Waterfront A
  • 1:00 pm Tandem Canoe Boat Control Demonstration Skip Taylor /Charlie Wilson 
  • 2:00 pm Canoe Paddle Making, Selection & Maintenance Mike Ramsay, Badger Paddles – Clinic Area A
  • 2:00 pm Hobie Pedal Drive Kayak Demonstration Brian Smith, Hobie Kayaks 
  • 3:00 pm Kayak Paddle Selection Marc Scriver – Clinic Area A
  • 3:00 pm Solo Canoe Choices Demonstration Skip Taylor – Waterfront A
  • 4:00 pm Freestyle Canoeing Demonstration Skip Taylor – Canadian Solo & Charlie Wilson – Freestyle Solo & Freestyle Tandem


  • 9:00 – 10:30 am Learn to Row Bill Swift – Cost $30.00 On Water Clinic
  • 10:00 – 11:30 am Learn to Kayak Skip Taylor – Free On Water Clinic
  • 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Freestyle Canoeing Clinic Charlie Wilson – Cost $30.00 On Water Clinic
  • ~ ALL DAY ~ Learn to Pedal Drive a Kayak Brian Smith – FREE On Water Clinic
  • ~ ALL DAY ~ Learn to Stand Up Paddle Board Mark Scriver – FREE On Water Clinic
Sorry we can’t say more but what happens at the Algonquin PaddleSports Assembly, stays at the Algonquin PaddleSports Assembly. So don’t forget to keep your eye out for next year’s Assembly… ’cause you know you won’t want to miss it again!

A special thanks to our hosts, Algonquin Outfitters and Swift Canoe & Kayak, for reviving this event… and for having BADGER® Paddles there. Such a beautiful location and great people to assemble and celebrate the power of self propulsion with. Mike says he had such a great time, already he can’t wait until next year!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 19:34h, 26 September

    This looks really great, I did miss out. – Belinda P.

  • David H. Johnston
    Posted at 19:59h, 26 September

    Looked like a fantastic event. I would love to have attended it. Hopefully next year.


    David J.