To Badger Or Not To Badger: That Is The Question

To Badger Or Not To Badger: That Is The Question

Do you know the meaning and origin of the term “to badger”?

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According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, the word is broken down like so:

badger |ˈbajər|
nounheavily built omnivorous nocturnal mammal of the weasel familytypically having a gray and blackcoat• Several genera and species in the family Mustelidae, in particular the Eurasian Meles meleswhich has a white head with two black stripes, and the North American Taxidea taxus, with a white stripe on the head.
( Badger) informal native of Wisconsin.verb [ trans. ]ask (someone) repeatedly and annoyingly for something; pester journalists badgered him about the deals |Tom had finally badgered her into going [ trans. his daughter was always badgering him to let her join.ORIGIN early 16th cent.: perhaps from badge , with reference to its distinctive head markings. The verb sense (late 18th cent.) originates from the formerly popular sport of badger baiting.

Thus the term “badgering”is known as pestering and bothering.  But – these traits are not from the animal itself, but rather from the early sport of Badger Baiting whereas hunters would send dogs to harass badgers for entertainment and for blood sport.  Similar to dog fighting, badger baiting was forced combat between the badger and a succession of hounds.  Badger baiting, now thankfully illegal, would typically end with the death of the badger and most likely major injury to the dogs.

So it seems the origin of the verb sense of the word “badger”, descending from the formerly popular sport of badger baiting (late 18th century*), and “badgering” actually describes human behaviour towards the badger and not the actual animal’s behaviour towards us humans.  Interestingly the term “badgering”, thru this retired sport, became a popular term still used widely today – and it’s meaning isn’t very positive!

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*”ORIGIN The verb sense (late 18th cent.originates from the formerly popular sport of badger baiting.” ~ New Oxford American Dictionary


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