Heart Of A Backcountry Paddler Bumper Stickers


NEW DESIGN! Does your heart beat hard for the backcountry? Show your true love and devotion for paddling and portaging the backcountry even more with this expanded heartbeat line and portaging paddler decal design!

Decal/Sticker • Approximately 9.25″ W x 3.75″ H (23.5 cm W x 9.5 cm H) Vinyl Decal/Sticker.

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NEW DESIGN! Does the idea of getting at least a few of portages away from the put in get your heart beating with backcountry excitement? Us too! That’s why we took our original Heart of a Backcountry Paddler design up a notch by including a bit more gear to portage – you know, just to make it more realistic. 😉

Designed for only the most passionate canoeists among us, this decal depicts a heartbeat line that incorporates either the silhouette of a man or woman carrying a canoe – along with the outline of a barrel and canoe paddle.  Oh, and the part where the heartbeat flatlines? That’s what happens to everyone on the portage trail who hears the sudden crashing sounds of a charging bear coming out of the bush (only to realize you merely startled a ruffed grouse). 🙂

Be sure to show everyone your love and devotion to paddling and portaging with these fun backcountry inspired designs!

Available individually or as a set of 2.

Decal, Approximately  9.25″ W x 3.75″ H (23.5 cm W x 9.5 cm H) Vinyl Decal/Sticker.

NOTE: Colours may not be exactly as shown due to the limited hue palette available for websites/online media.