BADGER® Canoe Paddles


  1. 1.Our BADGER® Canoe Paddles boast a traditional grip, rounded for comfort; and an oval shaft, which makes for a positive index, allowing for instinctive hand placement and blade orientation while performing underwater recovery strokes, and also while paddling in general. Our paddles feature a dihedral ridge for better strength and a more fluid stroke (as the ridge helps the water to flow around the paddle smoothly).



  1. 1.Every Badger Canoe Paddle is made from one solid piece of wood. Our Badger Canoe Paddle blanks start off on a carving duplicator after which each paddle is individually shaped by hand using an array of belt and drum sanders. Then given a final hand-sanding before finishing.

  1. 2.All Badger paddles are finished by hand using wood oil or varnish. We also offer a very unique combination finish with a hand-rubbed varnish finished paddle blade with an oiled shaft/grip. Available as well are our trademark BADGER® WaterColours™... Vibrant & colourfully tinted solid wood canoe paddles made for the young and for the young-at-heart.

  1. 3.All Badger Canoe Paddles include a Badger Paddle Sock and are usually marked twice; once with our paw logo on one side of the blade using a branding
    iron, and again on the flip side of the blade, we add the text version of our logo “BADGER” near the bottom tip.

  1. 4.You may choose to have your Badger canoe paddle personalized by way of hand-painted name or other small design, as well as laser engraved and more!