Young BadgerTail – Red Maple Leaf Motif

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A one time offering of (Young) BadgerTail Paddles made from solid Poplar, custom finished with varnish and featuring a Red Maple Leaf motif on one side of the blade. 46″ Length only. Paddles I and II are priced for individual sale. Only two were made. Ready to ship.


A one time special offering of our Young BadgerTail paddles! While we customarily build our Young Badgers from solid hardwood like cherry or walnut with an oiled finish, these small youth sized versions of our popular BadgerTail style paddle are made from solid poplar wood with a custom finish. Each is finished with varnish and a unique Red Maple Leaf motif.

Unlike our Cubs, we use the same methods in making our Young Badgers as we do to make our handcrafted adult length canoe paddles.  These Young BadgerTail – Red Maple Leaf canoe paddles are available in 46″ lengths only. Paddles I and II are priced individually. Only two were made! Ready to ship.

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Young BadgerTails

Young BadgerTail – Maple Leaf I, Young BadgerTail – Maple Leaf II