Curl Edge Walnut Cherry and Ash Wooden Bowl


Handcrafted by the talented woodworking artist Jim McFarlane of Bracebridge, ON this fancy 12″ wide by 5″ tall, curl edge wooden bowl is made from Walnut, Cherry and Ash found in the offcuts at the Badger Paddles Shop in Huntsville, ON. A rare piece that would add beauty to any table or shelf. Handcrafted in the District Of Muskoka – only one in stock!

1 in stock


With the Badger Paddles shop being located in the district of Muskoka, a region known for its beauty and the artists it inspires, we have a small number of artisans who come to us for the many different beautiful offcuts of ash, cherry, walnut, maple and other woods that become the remnants from our paddle building process.

While we do utilize much of this extra wood ourselves (as Kitchen Paddles, Cutting Boards, and Souvenirs) we are always more than delighted to supply the local wood artists and artisans of Muskoka as well. One such individual we regularly supply wood to is the very talented Jim McFarlane of Bracebridge, ON who titles all of his creations as “Expressions In Wood“. His beautiful woodwork has been sold along side of Badger’s in the Wooden Penny in Huntsville ON where you can find Badger Cutting Boards and many other exquisite items; and he has kindly granted us permission to include a couple of his pieces, like this wonderful handcrafted wooden curl edge bowl, as part of our online gift shop this season.

Made from tiny pieces of Ash, Cherry, and Walnut taken from the Badger Paddles Shop, this extraordinary piece measures 12 inches at the mouth and stands at around 5 inches tall. Oiled with our food-safe Badger Wood Oil, this piece will add interest and beauty to any table or shelf – be it at home or at the cottage!

Handcrafted in Muskoka, Canada – only one in stock.