Badger Canoe Paddle Maintenence
Oiling Your Paddle
    Clean paddle well (with fresh water) and dry completely.  

    Gently sand roughened spots (if needed) with fine sand paper - 220 then 320 grit - taking extra care around the painted Badger logo.

    Use your bare hand or a lint-free cloth to rub oil all over the surface of the paddle.  We recommend BADGER® Wood Oil. But you can also use a fine quality Tung or Teak Oil Finish product, or even boiled linseed oil.

    Leave to sit for 10 minutes or so and then return to wipe off the excess oil with a lint-free cloth.

    Next, leave until dry (may take up to 48 hours or longer if the air is moist or humidity is high).

    Repeat steps 2 to 5 until you achieve the desired results.  (usually 1 to 3 coats is satisfactory).  Note:  You may “wet sand” the paddle using the oil for a smoother finish during the oiling process - or rub with superfine steel wool or sandpaper between coats of oil.

    Touch-up of worn spots can be treated with oil when they occur (preferably).

    Amount of maintenance required depends on amount of usage and storage means.  To preserve the beauty and strength of your wooden paddle, we recommend you oil your BADGER® Paddle at the beginning and end of the paddling season at minimum.  Click here for more information on how often you should oil your paddle.

  Every so often, stand the paddle (blade-tip down) in a container filled with a couple of inches of oil and allow the tip of the blade to soak for a few hours. Finish by oiling the paddle as usual.BADGER_Wood_Oil.html

If you still have questions after reading the tips on this page then please visit our Blog for more info on maintenance and storage of your canoe paddles.  If you would like your may also contact us for further details. 

Always work in a well ventilated area if working with varnish or other finishes & always be sure you dispose of your rags and garbage safely!
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