BADGER® Wood Oil

100% All Natural - Made in Canada


At Badger Paddles, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously.  We really "dig" the Earth!  That's why Badger offers 100% ALL NATURAL BADGER® Wood Oil* - it is safe for the environment and YOU.

BADGER® Wood Oil (formally known as Badger Paddle & Gunnel Oil*) is 100% All Natural Hemp Oil that has no harsh fumes and is safe for food-contact items.

That means you can use our BADGER® Wood Oil oil on your wooden paddles, canoe gunwales/gunnels*, thwarts, etc., without the worry of harming the environment, the health & safety of your family, or the lakes you paddle in. That also means you can use BADGER® Wood Oil on your wooden handled knives, or axes, as well as your cutting boards, butcher-blocks or your furniture. And because it is a “drying oil”, it can even be used on leather! Our BADGER® Wood Oil has also been used to finish floors, decks, and more.

BADGER® Wood Oil is not only food safe but is easy clean up too - just use soap and water!  And, the best news of all - our 100% All Natural BADGER® Wood Oil is available for purchase in 1/2 (US) Pint tins, 1 Qt tins or 20 L plastic pails.

Badger’s Eco-friendly Maintenance Oil

For those who “dig” the earth!

**Maintenance, with our Badger Wood Oil/Badger Paddle & Gunnel Oil (100% all natural hemp oil) is totally non-toxic and food safe. Our Badger Wood Oil can be used over top of most old and/or completely dry oil finishes. Our Wood Oil can also be mixed with citrus solvents or orange oil for a quick drying and all natural finish - a great way to speed up the drying process if you are short on time. But for easy maintenance for all your oiled wood items, we suggest you use our BADGER® Wood Oil in its pure form.

Our BADGER® Wood Oil is a food grade hemp seed oil that has been put through an oxidization process that allows it to harden when cured.

Instructions for use: First prepare the wood by making sure it is clean & dry. Sand where necessary & ensure the surface is free of loose particles & dust. Apply oil with a clean rag. Use a fine sandpaper to “wet sand” using the oil for lubrication. Let stand for a few minutes to allow oil to penetrate. Wipe away excess Badger Oil, if any, with a clean rag then leave to dry for 12 hours.Repeat if necessary. Number of coats determined by desired results, amount of use, and exposure to the elements. We recommend a minimum of 4 coats on bare wood. Drying time is approximately 24 to 36 hours. Please allow 24 hours between coats. Approximate coverage:3 square meters per litre. Provides a water resistant coating. Safe for food contact times.


Did you know? Hemp seed oil has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties that are naturally resistant to mould and mildew.

Learn more about why we choose hemp seed oil here: BADGER® Wood Oil - Why Hemp?

*Please note the spelling of “gunnel” is a modern variant of the word “gunwale”.  Both gunnel and gunwale are accepted today and, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, they are considered interchangeable.